Wednesday, December 2, 2009

December! Snow???

The weather has been a little bit cooler the last couple of days. We are expecting a some rain arriving Wednesday night and saying around until at least midday Thursday. Our part of Maine has seen some below freezing temperatues at night, but the daytime ones have been generally pretty nice.

This is a little strange for early December. More often than not, we've had our first snow of the season. Parts of Maine, those places in the mountains and foothills, have had their first significant snow. In fact, a couple school districts in northern Maine have already had some delayed openings.

But not in the part where I live. It's simply been to warm for snow. That will be the same Wednesday night into Thursday when we'll be getting rain. I think most of the weather forecasters also say even northern sections will be mostly, if not all, snow.

I'm not looking for snow. Snow and ice is my worst season as they increase the potential of my falling down. That could be real disastrous. Nevertheless, I do love it when it snows Christmas Eve and we have fresh fallen snow outside the windows for Christmas Day. I'm equally has happy if it all disappears the next day.

My "wish" only refers to my tiny part of the state. I know most Mainers love to ski or do other outdoor winter activities and for them I say, "Let it snow! Let it snow!" The snow that falls in those winter sports areas wouldn't affect me at all. I guess there is just a little selfish streak in this Old Gator Dude.

Meanwhile, Gator Golden was startled by a truck while she was in the yard. There's something about those diesel motors that drives her crazy.

Here's my offering of village pictures for today. The first one shows the beginning of one of the displays.

A few days later, it looked like this:

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