Wednesday, December 30, 2009

And now the tax decision will be ours.

A very busy day yesterday kept me from even thinking about this internet presence. As a result I find myself without any preparation for expressing my thoughts. Therefore, this will be just one of my rambles.

One thing that I think is positive: Maine voters will get to decide the fate of the switch and shaft expensive sham called tax reform in Maine. The last Legislature passed a bill which the Democrats proclaim have cut taxes for most Mainers by lowering the top rate for income tax. They sort of neglect to remind us they increased the number of items that will be subjected to the state's sales tax.

Between now and the June ballot, we'll be flooded with "facts" as perceived by both sides of the issue. I'll be consistent with my get your own information about the measure rather than rely on me, the Democrats, or the Republicans.

When the measure was passed last session, without a public hearing I might add, the Republicans almost immediately began a petition drive to force the issue to referendum. The Secretary of State missed his deadline to certify the petitions and, according to the State Constitution, the measure would automatically be on a ballot.

The Republicans took the issue to the court. Shortly after the filing, the Secretary of State certified a sufficient number of signatures as legal. Shortly after that event a challenge about the signatures was filed with the court.

Last week a judge ruled in favor of the Republicans on both challenges and ordered the Secretary of State to put the question out to the voters. Yesterday we were told there would not be an appeal of the judge's rulings to the State's Supreme Court.

So now we'll prepare for the onslaught of the truthfulness of the claims by both sides and we'll have the final say in June.

Now we'll settle down and prepare for the arrival of the New Year tomorrow night and the arrival of 2010's first major storm beginning Friday.

Happy New Year, everyone!


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