Friday, December 18, 2009

Just a week left; our Tree is finally up!

Another Edit, this one Sunday morning:

I should pay attention to my own feelings and not rely on weather forecasters and stuck with my original comments about the potential of a White Christmas.  I awoke this morning with not a new flake of snow on the Gator Homestead and one the "possibility" of some showers today and anytime this week.  Any we get, according to the man this morning, will be light.  Shortly after 8 AMl we did get that first flake.

Edited and partially revised Saturday noon:

When I first wrote this weekend post Friday morning, there was no real snow forecast anywhere.  We had been told that a Sunday storm needed to be watched, but it would probably pass too far off shore to really affect us.

It's now Saturday noon and the forecast has been changing ever since Friday night.  I had said in my original weekend missive that we probably wouldn't have a White Christmas in my little corner of the world.  Now I'm not so sure.  We've gone from no storm to a possible two to four inches beginning tonight into Sunday.

We're also told there could be more Showers Monday night and the possibility of a Christmas snow is now in the forecast, although the weather guy on Channel Six this morning included the word "rain" as a possibility for Friday.

So, as I've often said here that we should simply wait and see what happens with the weather because our weather changes so quickly and often, I guess we'll just have to wait through this week to see what will eventually get here.

I had forgotten my own lesson; now it has been reinforced.  I'll just wait to see if we'll have a White Christmas, my favorite kind, or not.

And now back to my original weekend post:

Our room Christmas tree has been put up and decorated.  It is an artificial one.  We had an artificial one when we were first married and our two kids only knew an artifical one for the first four or five years of their lives. 

Then with the artifical tree beginning to lose any semblance of being a Christmas tree and desperately needing to be replaced, Gator Wife and I decided to return to the Christmas we both had had with a real tree.  With the children to help us make the proper selection, we headed out to a neighborhood tree stand.

Gator Daughter was just about as sad as she could be.  When we got to the tree place, she absolutely refused to leave the car.  She just sat there pouting with tears in her eyes.  She was positive we were abandoning Christmas by not putting up our old, green fake tree.  It was, after all, all she had known.

She cried all the way home and when we put it in our living room, she didn't even want to watch it get decorated.  So GW and I loaded it with beautiful, sparkling lights, well, as beautiful and sparkling as the '60s lights were.  Gator Son pitched in, though, as that little tyke only wanted a place, real or fake, for Santa to deliver the presents.

Then, with the tree taking shape and the wonderful Christmas smell wafting through the room, GD began to try to be "cool" and pretend that maybe, just maybe, she might like to become part of the fun after all.  She has told us many Christmases since that she didn't know and couldn't realize just what a difference a real tree made.  Hesitatingly at first, she joined in the festivities of decorating for Christmas.  I don't think for the rest of her childhood she would have allowed us to return to an artificial tree.

We only returned to using an artificial tree a couple of Christmases ago.  It was after taking down our last real tree and seeing many spots on the branches that were just a moment away from bursting into flames from the bulbs we decided that safety might be more prudent. 

And now one guards one of the entrances to our living room keeping an artifical watch over our Christmas Village display.

We are just a little late in putting a tree up this year.  Until she got the great news results of her successful surgery, GW wasn't in the mood for a Christmas tree.  So we will enjoy it this weekend and through the week looking forward to our best Christmas ever.

I hope you have a great weekend and that your week long anticipation will be as great as ours.


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