Tuesday, December 15, 2009

We'll know the surgical results today

Yesterday was a good one for Gator Wife.  She is recuperating from surgery she had last week and is in recovery mode.  She took it rather easy over the weekend only expanding her activity slowly.  As I mentioned yesterday, her situation has taken its toll on our Christmas shopping this year, but yesterday she wanted to give it a try.

We actually ventured out twice.  Our first trip into crowded shopping places lasted about an hour before she ran out of steam so we came home for a couple hours for her to rest.  We then visited a second shopping area and again after about an hour she was ready to call it quits for the day.

But in those two trips we accomplished a lot and now have a few, a very small few but a start, presents to help Santa on Christmas.  We're planning on striking out again today.

Today's trip, however, will be a little later.  She wants to stay by the phone as her doctor's office told her yesterday that the results of the tests of that which was removed last week will be known today.  The surgeon was optimistic last week so we praying that the results will show complete success. 

Therefore, she will be near the phone today until that call comes.  Good news will result in more shopping.

One thing we noticed about the shopping malls we visited yesterday was the huge number of people looking for just that right surprise to be opened next week.  We had gone out one day early last week and found more clerks than customers so it was sort of bewildering to have to search out just parking places.  Many people were in stores as well, but what we didn't see were baskets full of presents.  People are, or at least yesterday were, being very careful on what they're buying.

One visit caught my attention.  There were rows and rows of those things "As seen on TV" available.  We could have bought just about anything one sees in those infomercials that used to claim, "Not available in stores."  Most certainly are today.  But we slowed down and gawked and then walked away without adding to our cart.

At least our tree now won't be totally void of presents when we get together next week.  It won't be as packed as it has been in other years, but we will have a little cheer.  Good news today could lead to even more good things next week.

Here's a parting glimpse at our Christmas Village display for today:


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