Saturday, October 30, 2010

'Tis the season. Village season, that is!

I have stopped producing rants and raves (although it's been extremely tempting to offer something during the vicious election season and, added after election results known, extremely difficult not to break and comment) and personal adventure stories, but now we're approaching the Christmas season.  Yes, I'm politically incorrect and continue to celebrate Christmas and not just "the holidays."

Those of you who followed me in the past years know that Gator Wife and I, along with Gator Daughter, create a room filling lighted Department 56 Dickens/Victorian Village as part of our celebration.  Normally we start on Nov. 11th, Veteran's Day which is also our wedding anniversary (49th this year) and Light It signalling it's completion Thanksgiving Weekend.

We had a new energy efficient bay window installed in our living room during the summer and the infrastructure we made for the old one no longer fits.  That means this year we have some construction to accomplish and, because of our ages, GW and I decided we'd get an earlier start.

For those of you still occasionally checking in here to see if anything new has been posted, we will begin publishing "construction" pictures soon with representative pictures of the completed village here after Thanksgiving Weekend.  For those of you who have followed the full village on my personal website, we got a new version of our publishing program and if we can figure out how to make the slide show, it will be there, also sometime after that weekend.

(For followers of Gator Golden, if good pictures of her comes about, she'll occasionally be here, too.)

Our village will be in place until shortly after the new year.