Monday, December 21, 2009

The Blizzard of 2009

That wasn't!  At least it wasn't in my little corner of the world.  While we were watching blizzard conditions on the Weather Channel all day Saturday and much of Sunday, it forgot to snow on the Gator Homestead.  By mid Sunday afternoon when it stopped snowing here, we had maybe an inch.  And it was a short inch at that.

This picture was taken after the storm ended Sunday.  That spot in the middle is the ground showing through a very thin layer of snow. 

I did use my tractor to snow blow the driveway but that was primarily to keep the snow from turning into ice causing bad conditions for Monday. 

I expect the little bit of snow that's left behind from the tractor will melt away Monday.  I probably didn't have to clean what I did because there wasn't very much there.  But at least it's done.

Please don't think I'm oblivious to all the snow that some parts of Maine did get, but none of it compared to the inches in the teens from around Boston all they way down to Georgia.

And did you see the pictures of the flooding in some cities and towns in Florida?

To the right is another look at our artificial tree guarding our Christmas Village display at one of the entrances to our living room.

Christmas is Friday and time is running for those last minute trips to the shopping places. 


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