Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Boring, uncreative TV commercials

A brand new year, 2010, is rapidly approaching.  At midnight Thursday, we'll be saying "good-bye" to the current and welcome in the new.  Well, some of you will.  I'll probably be long time abed as that ball in New York makes its fall.

We awoke this morning to a light dusting.  I haven't seen the news yet, but I wouldn't be surprised if there are places in Maine that got a whole lot more than fell on the Gator Land.

This is week two of what must be the best three weeks of college football on television.  There's a bowl game virtually every night, except there wasn't one Christmas night.  I love college football so these nights are just great.  Of course, the best night is yet to come; Friday the Gators play Cincinnati in the Sugar Bowl.

Speaking of the Gators, what a strange course of events concerning Florida coach Urban Meyers.  Because of health issues, he resigned his position last Saturday.  Then Sunday changed his mind and will go on an extended leave of absence to heal.  I'm glad the Gators aren't losing him, but I'm sad that his health has become an issue.  He is, in my humble opinion, one of if not the best coach in college football today.

I think I'm losing my ability to think, or perhaps reason.  I don't normally object to commercials on television as I realize they're why I can watch programs relatively cheaply, like all those college football games I'm watching these three weeks, for example. 

What I miss, however, are those nifty ads that tried to sell me something and often succeeded.  Some made me laugh or chuckle.  Some I looked forward to seeing as they were so good.  Most of them didn't give me the opportunity to ask, "How much longer have I got to endure this?"  Back in the day ads were replaced just about when they should be.

Most commercials today are not cute, funny, interesting, or intriguing.  Many don't even make me think about possibly wanting the advertised merchandise.  Shucks.  I don't even know what some of them are even trying to pitch.  And some of them seem to have been shown for an eternity.  There's one lawyer, for example, who would never, and I hate to use that word never, get my business just because I'm so tired of his long running ads.

An even worse part of those lawyer ads is if one travels around the country, the exact same ads with the exact same celebrity, are touting a different law firm.

Whatever happened to the creativity prevalent in years gone by?  I certainly hope today's attempts are not an indictment of what people are learning in today's colleges.

I guess there's always the possibility that my age has just caught up to me and processing those ads has become the problem, not the ads themselves.  That would be a very small possibility.


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