Saturday, December 26, 2009

Messy weather is possible, probable, this weekend

That was a wonderful day, Christmas was.  I think one of the hardest parts of Christmas is saying "good bye" for another year.

Anyone who follows this little bit of sharing on a regular basis knows this was an especially good Christmas for us.  Gator Wife got the present of a lifetime.  Her life.  What any of the rest of us received was very nice; but for all of us having GW around in relatively good condition made it the best.

I hope each of you received that special gift you wanted or needed most and that your Christmas Day was a special one for you.

Gator Golden and her sister, Gator Daughter's golden,
had a lot of fun with their "toy bags."

Now we have to get through this weekend of what is forecast to be rather unpleasant conditions.  We will have run the gamut before it ends.  Mixed precipitation, some snow, some sleet, some freezing rain ... I've often wondered what the difference is between sleet and freezing rain ... and some snow, all depending on just where you are.

Next up on the important stuff is the coming of the New Year.  I hope yours will be a great one.


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