Monday, December 28, 2009

Health Care Reform

I don't like listening to rather heavy rain being blown rather vigorously against my house. That's the way it was Sunday. I like it even less when it happens under the cover of darkness at night. That's when it began Sunday. I guess the one positive note is it was rain on the Gator homestead and not snow.

I'd be remiss not to mention the health care bill passed on a party-line vote Thursday. It's a terrible bill and we all will suffer if it reaches final passage after conference with the House members on their version of the bill.

Just as I would urge you not to just read or listen to news reports about the bill, I'd tell you not to pay any attention to what I say. Both the news media and I are prejudiced over this issue and we'd both be just telling you what we think you should hear.

I'd be telling you about the total unfairness of the bill and the way it's going to surprise you in your coverage and the costs, hidden in new taxes, you're facing. The news media will tell you just how wonderful the bill will be for Americans. You know, great things like an administrator determining who will and who won't get medical care and the creation of waiting lists for care.

I'm sure you won't want to believe what I say, but please don't be judgmental until you read the bill yourself. Perhaps you might want to pay some attention to page 30. Or perhaps page 42. Of course the document isn't easy reading as there are more than 2500 pages. It outlines the taxes you'll pay and the care you will be able to get and won't be able to get.  I just point out these two to demonstrate what's in the bill.  The whole thing is equally as scary.

It tells you of the unbelievable costs that will be passed along to states. It'll also tell you who will be exempt from the bill, people like members of Congress and the White House and some unions. It'll tell you how various states will be treated differently and you'll perhaps even learn about all the payoffs that went into this law.

You'll learn just how accurate George Orwell was in his Animal Farm when he wrote that all animals are equal but some are more equal than others.

You just might find yourself very scared about your health future.

But as I say, don't listen to me or the news media as we're both prejudiced in our own little way. So that I don't get accused of sending you to a place that only supports me, I'll simply urge you to do a "Google" search, or a search using the search engine of your choice, on Senate Health Care Bill. It can be found in a .pdf file, but the bill is extremely long and complex and difficult reading, which is one reason most members of Congress haven't read it and have no idea on what they've actually approved.

Just read it for yourself and learn firsthand, not from people like me or news persons but rather from yourself just what you're in store for.


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