Monday, December 14, 2009

I can't put off Christmas buying much longer

The Gator clan is quickly returning to normal, whatever "normal" is.  Gator Wife continues her recuperation from surgery last week and will be out of work this week and probably next.  Hard to believe, isn't it, that Christmas is next week. 

It's probably time that I should be heading out to get some Christmas presents.  GW also is giving that some thought.  There are a couple of problems.  Because she's home I don't have that little cushion when I could "sneak" out and get something without her knowing.  She's in the same boat.

I guess this is a year that we'll probably head out together and jointly buy the family some stuff.  If I were an honest man I'd have to admit that after 48 years there's probably been very few "secrets" anyway.  Neither of us needs anything so we'd just get some "stuff" to have under the tree.

Gator Daughter isn't a shopping problem this year as we ran into a sale of some things she really likes a few weeks ago and got her presents early. 

I have to admit we'll be taking the "easy way" of getting presents to our family out west.  We see then so infrequently that we really don't know what they need or want so we'll just send some cash to our son and his wife.  They'll get something our granddaughter needs and put it under their tree in our name.  I suspect other people in this same distance situation have other ways of resolving the Christmas gift problem.

I've been rethinking my pleasure of simply upgrading my computer from Vista to Microsoft 7.  The reviews I've read about M-7 are outstanding, but I didn't do a full, clean, fresh install but rather just an upgrade.  I think there may have been some little Vista hooks left behind that are now causing me some frustration.

My computer keeps crashing.  Each time, M-7 tells me why and even fixes the problem for me so this thing does continue to work 98% of the time, but I keep wondering how many of those little inconveniences I'm facing.  I will give M-7 some works to fix the problems with little effort on my part. 

And that's the way it is on the Gator Place.  Life does continue to be good.


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