Saturday, January 24, 2009

It's another weekend

The weekend has arrived. And a good one it should be, too. At least as far as the weather is concerned. There are no storms in sight, although there is a possibility that some places will see a snow shower or two. “Not every place will get the showers,” said the weatherman. It will be colder, however, as temperatures are expected to drop.

It was Gator Wife that got me up early this morning. She’s had a frozen turkey in the freezer for a couple of months. I’m talking about that freezer that’s part of the refrigerator, not a standalone freezer we have down cellar. That one has been shut down to conserve our electric bill.

Although it is a small turkey, it took up a goodly portion of the ‘frig freezer. She was looking for something different from our normal fare and thought making room in that freezer and having a good meal with sandwiches during the week would be a good idea. So today we got up early to prepare it for cooking. She has been thawing it out for a couple of days.

It is a small bird and will be completely cooked before noon. So why on Earth did we get up so early you ask? If you have kids who’ve left the nest, I don’t have to tell you. GW totally believes that our daughter could not possibly survive if we didn’t occasionally give her food. Understand, she is not only gainfully employed, but also she’s in a supervisory position and makes good money.

She can and does buy food for herself and she’s really a good cook, too. But GW’s mother always had food for us before she passed and I guess GW learned that’s the way to do things. So every weekend when our daughter comes over, about noon so her mother can feed her lunch, she’ll leave with some goodies. This weekend it’ll be half a turkey.

She works hard for her supply, most of the time. In the spring and summer she gives countless hours helping her mother with five gardens. In the fall she spends those Village construction weekends helping us. But there’s not too much to do this time of year. She still loves the opportunity for her dog and ours, sister Golden Retrievers, to romp and socialize outside.

So she’ll be here probably both days this weekend like she is most weekends except when it’s extremely cold or foul outside. He probably wouldn’t ever admit it, but her old dad looks forward to the time with his daughter, too.

There are times when we wish our son and his family lived just a little closer. We’d love to spend some time with them, too; but that simply isn’t in the cards for a young family living about three thousand miles away.

I feel very good this weekend for my Fearless Friend. He had his follow-up visit with the doctor that removed a cataract from one eye and replaced the lens. That was Thursday. Friday he got a total two thumbs up. His vision in that eye is now 20-20 and all restrictions have been lifted already. Great doctor. Great patient. FF will have his other eye done in two weeks.

Now I’ll be spending the week thinking about my upcoming event. On Friday I’m having a Cardioverter device implanted in my chest to help my heart. I hope I’m as good a patient as FF and my heart doc is as good as his eye guy.

But first, after a two month layoff because of the holiday season, my group of fellow retirees meets Wednesday, the last Wednesday of the month. I wonder if FF will continue to join us now that he can see the food he’s eating.

Have a great weekend and we’ll see you again Monday.



Sheepish Annie said...

Food cooked by one's mommy tastes better. That is a rule. It also works if one's daddy cooks it in case you were wondering about that. Daddies cook the food in lots of oil and will let you have all the butter you want. They hardly ever make steamed vegetables.

I'd say more but I have to go get that leftover steak out of the oven. Mommy made extra yesterday!!! :)

GiM said...

Gator Daughter and you have the living arrangements in common, as you probably know. Only difference: two cats vs. one dog.

I probably should have mentioned she also has never turned down the food.

The meal you had sounds good, but gotta tell ya, pappa sheep's description of that cake trumped yours. It sounded like it was to die for! (Figuratively, of course.)

I don't think steamed veggies have ever been served in this house.

Watch GiM tomorrow...pappa sheep wrote the whole thing.