Monday, January 12, 2009

Nice storm to clean; Gators' Tebow to stay

That was a nice little snow storm we had over the weekend. The light, fluffy stuff was easy to handle, yet we got enough to clean up the snow cover a bit. What wasn’t nice was the bitter cold, and that was only the start of what promises to be a very cold week.

I didn’t take any pictures. I certainly could have, if my old head remembered to do it. I simply forgot. As I sit here this morning and glance at my side table, the camera there made me utter an “Oh, shucks!” or something meaning that. No one heard me as Gator Wife had already left for her part time job.

She got a call yesterday afternoon asking if she could go in a little early as the company had received a special order with which she could help. She agreed to work as she just about always does. So that “Oh, shucks!” fell on no ears except mine and the dog’s. I can’t complain as the reason for this later than usual Monday post is that I simply slept in a little.

Had I taken the camera out, GW would have had a great picture of a snowman on a tractor. We live in a very windy place and the wind here is extremely uncooperative. I kept moving the chute as I determined which way the wind was taking the snow, but moving two feet forward found a new direction.

Even pointing the part of the chute from which the snow comes almost straight at the ground doesn’t make any difference. After ten minutes or so, one would never know that under that snowman was a royal blue winter outfit from head to toe. And the tractor was so covered, it would have looked like a snow tractor with no hint of the green and yellow color. It would have been a great picture.

I was cold. When I came in GW was already inside and she had prepared some hot chocolate for us. It’s times like that when I think that hot chocolate should be among the world’s greatest concoctions.

I mentioned earlier that this is forecast to be a very cold week. The highest temperature here could be only in the low 20s, possibly the teens toward the end of the week. There’s also the possibility of some more snow this week, both tomorrow night and Thursday. If it does come, I hope it’s the kind we had over the weekend.

And I have to drive to Saco again Thursday to work on my new glasses. This will be an interesting week.

I am a Florida Gator fan, as you may have guessed. The Gators have one of the very best quarterbacks in the country. There had been some speculation that junior Tim Tebow would leave college early to go to the NFL. He announced yesterday that too many players leave early. He said he had made a commitment to the University and felt to be a proper role model, he had to complete that commitment.

Tebow is a Heisman Trophy winner (2007) and now has been on two Florida national championship teams. The Gators beat 2008 Heisman winner Sam Bradford and the Oklahoma Sooners for this year’s title. One of Bradford’s teammates said Tebow would only be the fourth best quarterback in the Big-12, Oklahoma’s conference. Makes one wonder how far down the list on SEC Quarterbacks Bradford would be.

This morning’s Portland Press Herald had an editorial (
I read it on line) that said that perhaps now that President-elect Obama has indicated a change is needed in determining the national champion, that government can step in and solve the problem. I’ve said here several times that a playoff system is needed, but can you remember just one thing the government ever fixed that worked well?


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