Thursday, January 29, 2009

A day later

Nature can be extraordinarily destructive. She can cause many problems for homeowners and businesses. Cities and towns see their budgets eaten up by Nature. Yet, she can be almost unbelievably beautiful. And so it was for yesterday’s snow storm through our area.

We spent much of the day watching the snow piling up in our yard. I have a fairly limited view even though I have only one real close neighbor. Well, two if you count the guy on the other side of some trees, through which I can’t see, that separate our properties. I’ve never met him.

Actually, trees separate me from the world on three sides. One home, neighbor Ed’s, and a field are my front view. When there are no leaves, I can see a condominium development closer to the road. Those trees and other things bush around our home provide me with the beauty we call our home.

I know a lot of work faces us today, but Gator Wife will get stuck with most of it. Of course neighbor Ed moved most of the stuff off our driveway and parking area for us. He has a plow. A big one. My contribution will be limited to moving stuff GW shovels off the porches/steps. She’ll push the stuff onto the ground and the Green Machine will blow it away.

I’ll also blow away the snow close to the house and directly in front of the garage. I’d guess the two of us will have an hour or so out in the fresh air. I wish I could do more to help her and perhaps, with my new computer controlled electric heart, I’ll be able to do more next year. I get my ICD tomorrow.

I’m not sure how much Gator Golden likes this weather. She can’t walk in areas away from the plowed places, yet she needs to go out a bit to take care of some natural duties. It’s almost funny watching her sort of hop through the snow. If I can get a picture of her in the deep snow while we’re out cleaning, I’ll edit this around noon to include the picture.

There is one more item on today’s events list. The eye glasses place wants to make another adjustment in my new glasses I can’t see through and have me keep them at home for a couple of days to see if I adjust to them. I sort of have something else on my mind for a few days at least, but I will get the glasses this morning and give them the requested try. I’ll bet I’m not the only one who knows where this is going to end up.

We’ll be staying pretty close to the nest today, except for a couple necessary short errands, and probably spend some time watching the fire in the fireplace. I head for the hospital tomorrow so today hints of being an extremely long one. Don’t forget to check on your elderly neighbors to be sure they’re O.K. Don’t overdo in your cleanup activity and please, stay safe and warm.



Anonymous said...

Have fun playing in the snow. You and GW will have everything taken care of in no time at all. We will be doing much the same thing here. FF blows the snow, and I will be on the other end of a shovel.
Will be thinking about you tomorrow, and looking forward to reading your blog that tells everyone how the procedure went.
Mrs. FF

GiM said...

Thank you for your kind words. We have a couple errands this morning then we'll come home and tackle the yard. You be sure FF has his dark glasses on when he goes outside. We'd hate to see a great adventure go sour. I'd hope to be back Monday. Tomorrow's and the weekend's posts are already published.