Saturday, January 3, 2009

Home Returns To Normal!

Happy weekend! It looks like the weather gods are going to be kind to us this weekend. We may get just a little snow shower activity, but not enough to create problems. The weather gal said this morning the sunshine will prevail most of the time. We’ll still have some strong wind gusts which will keep the moderating temperatures from feeling nice, especially on Saturday.

I’ve mentioned frequently how fast these weeks seem to fly by as we go from weekend to weekend. I’m thinking today that they’ll probably slow down a whole lot through January. I found out yesterday that my cardiac defibrillator will be implanted at the end of the month. The anxiety and anticipation just might turn this month into a long one.

That’s four weeks away. This is the weekend we’re concerned with right now. By the end of the day Saturday, the Gator homestead will be back to normal. Gator Daughter will come over Saturday, along with her dog, and she’ll help us complete the task of taking down our Christmas Village and packing it away.

We started the task New Year’s Day and were amazed how fast it comes apart. Two and a half weeks to put it up, two and a half days to take it all down. Everything is also all packed away until next November 11th when we’ll start it all over again. The packing part is where GD comes in. She does an amazing job of putting the varying sized boxes into the closets.

I’ve been saying that this season’s presentation is the best we’ve had; but already we have plans to make some changes for the next Village. We added a self-designed mountain this year. It didn’t look like a great thing in pictures, but in person it was a super addition to one section of the village. We think we can make the same addition to the main village, the largest section, next season.

It will be a natural. GD designs a forest, or woods, section each year. It is her contribution to the project. She also helps with the construction of all the areas. I’m seeing a mountain in the corner coming down into the woods where her section is. It will be a natural place for her forest animals and even possibly a stream leading down to her skating pond. It will be a challenge, but will make a fine improvement to an already beautiful presentation.

That’s our Saturday. When it is over, our living room will be back to normal and furniture returned to its rightful place in the scheme of things. Everything will have been dusted, vacuumed, and generally cleaned and the Gator Home will once again have no evidence of its seasonal great change.

As I write this early Saturday morning, I’m not sure what Sunday will bring. GD and her dog may or may not come over. We have no projects planned so if she does come, it will be mainly to give the two dogs, they’re sisters, a chance to run and play. I don’t expect them to do much outside today as they’ll just have to be right in middle of whatever we are doing. After all, a dog’s greatest pleasure is to help those it serves.

Have yourself a happy weekend and we’ll see you again Monday.

Go Gators! Beat Sooners for NCAA Football Championship next week!


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