Thursday, January 22, 2009

A little This; a little That!

Today is the day my Fearless Friend undergoes his cataract surgery (See Mon. Jan. 19th post – “It's cataract removal time for FF”). The procedure itself doesn’t take too long, perhaps 15 minutes up to a half hour, but the recovery time can be a short while. He will be home soon after the operation and the bandages won’t be taken off his new eye until tomorrow. I hope to hear from him in the not too distant future on how he is doing.

I doubt he’ll take the time to read this before he goes, but if he should, FF: I’m with ya, Bud!

Edited 1:20 PM: I've heard from FF that his cataract surgery went extremely well. Instead of a patch, he has a clear film over his eye and is allowed to see through it. He reports that he's amazed at both the clarity and color through his new eye, but there is a conflict with the eye yet to be repaired. He sounded very happy with the results in his e-mail message to me. I'm very happy for my friend and am glad part I of his two-part event is successfully behind him.

I did attend my senior fitness session today. I took Tuesday off from my exercise routine because of a doctor’s appointment. It sounds funny, I know, but taking a day off takes its toll even though there are always days between sessions. I’d guess it’s a psychological thing.

I was in a foul mood yesterday, but it did wear off. I had planned to get a haircut; but when I went to the barber shop, I found quite a long waiting line. The parking lot was absolutely packed with cars and some were even parked on the street next to the place. I didn’t get a haircut. That was O.K. as my goal is to have it done before I go to the hospital next week. Still plenty of time.

Since I was in the neighborhood, I took the car to an automatic car wash. My white with salt and road splash car turned green again. That pleased me. By the time I got home, it was no longer green. At least I got one layer off.

I’ve been slowly working on the season’s worst undertaking. Income taxes. I’ve never done it this way before as I’ve either waited until the last minute or simply taken the required materials to an accountant and let him resolve the forms. I didn’t have anything to do after I got home yesterday morning, so I printed both the state and federal forms off the Internet.

Some of my W’s and 1099’s and other forms have begun arriving so I decided to try completing the tax forms myself, a little bit at a time. As the stuff arrives, actually. Very discouraging. Of course not everything is in, yet, so I won’t really know how it turns out until later. It is a mental exercise, but I suspect I’ll end up giving a check to my accountant.

Yesterday was President Obama’s first full day in office. I hope all of you are following his activities. It’s going to be hard to keep quiet while hope fades.

And have you noticed that, under the guise of bipartisanship, our two Senators are not even attempting to fool us with their Democrat leanings?

The banks want more money. The auto manufacturers want more money. What did we say back when the “free” money giveaway began? Are you now better off? Oh, yes. We’re told it’s going to take a while. I wonder where our economic status will be when that “while” finally gets here.

Hmmmm. I think the old Gatorman is getting back into a ranting/raving mode.

And I still don’t have new glasses!


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