Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A Stormy Wednesday!

My goodness gracious! All the reports indicate we are going to get a whole pile of snow today. At 6:45 this morning, the “feel” of a storm had reached our area, but the flakes hadn’t. They’re going to start momentarily and then the snow will pile up. We haven’t had any snow for quite a while; so from what I understand from the weather people, we’re going to make up for it today.

The forecasts call for anywhere from 8 to 18 inches of new snow before it all ends. We here on the south side of Route 1 could have the lesser amounts as rain/sleet is expected as the storm winds down later today.

Gator Wife headed out for work shortly before six this morning and she reported there were no problems then. That’s confirms the statements on the TV. But by the time noontime arrives, it could be coming down at a pretty good clip. She comes home before noon, so I’m hoping it stays light until she gets home.

Gator Daughter had already taken this week off from her work. She’ll spend the day with her dog at her home and probably do some cleaning out this evening, assuming the storm settles down by then. If not, then she’s got all day tomorrow.

The crawl on the bottom of the TV screen is already listing the school and job cancellations and parking bans. And the list is very long and includes most, if not all, schools in Cumberland and York counties.

As for me, I'm hoping my good neighbor Ed has his plow out either tonight or tomorrow and moves the bulk of what falls in my yard for me. I’m sure WG won’t clear the porch, steps and deck until tomorrow when she’s normally off. I know it’ll be tomorrow before I head out with the tractor to clear up what the plow leaves behind.

Today is the day my group of fellow retirees would normally meet for our last Wednesday of the month luncheon. I haven’t heard from anyone this morning so I don’t know how many will show up. I’d hope none of them take a chance traveling in this stuff today. I certainly won’t be there and I heard from my Fearless Friend yesterday that he wouldn’t go either.

I’m expecting a phone call today from the optician guy who’s trying to make my glasses work. When I went there Monday, again I couldn’t see out of the new ones. He gave me some cockamamie story about my new frames being smaller than my old ones and the problem was grinding the lenses to both meet the frame size and prescription.

We both know that’s really poppycock. Both GW and FF have gotten new glasses in the past year. Both got smaller frames. Both asked about the size and prescription compatibility. Both were told by their opticians that any lens can be made to fit any frame. FF may be the only person I know whose eyes are as bad, maybe even worse, than mine. Of course his current surgeries for cataracts are changing all that.

I guess the guy had to come up with some excuse why two attempts to get me new glasses have failed. I also think he knows I didn’t buy the story. But I’m giving him another chance. I used to be a baseball umpire (yea, even with my eyesight the way it is) and if my memory is still anywhere near O.K., there’s something about three strikes.

My problem, of course, is timing. I’m heading to the hospital Friday for a procedural implant and I doubt there’s any way the new glasses will be ready. I also don’t know how long the doctor will keep from traveling to Saco so I’m not sure now how much longer I’ll have to wait for the new glasses. Considering my doubt about their being ready this time is rather strong, that wait could be a long one.

If the storm should continue into tomorrow, I won’t be going to my senior fitness session, either. If that turns out to be the case, it won’t be until March before I can return there. Too bad, too. I had a rather good workout yesterday and even made it through a whole routine on that darned balance ball. The heart doc has already told me I can’t do the workout for at least four weeks.

And then Friday comes. I am both looking forward to it and dreading it. The implant is low risk, but then it’s my heart that getting the tinkering.

Stay dry, warm and safe as this storm passes us by.


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