Saturday, January 10, 2009

A potential weekend storm approaches

Happy weekend, at least the Saturday portion. The early morning forecast on Saturday called for some snow to arrive in our area over night into Sunday, but the Saturday half should be nice. Perhaps a little cold, but nice. The Ch. 6 weather gal and The Weather Channel folk seemed to indicate that after morning snow and afternoon snow showers Sunday, it will be very cold while we’re outside cleaning up.

Yes, “we.” I got the OK to use my tractor/snow blower last week so I was able to help Gator Wife with some of the outside cleaning earlier this week. Lifting remains on some restriction so I didn’t attempt to shovel. I think, though, she was grateful for the help with the moving of the snow/sleet we got last Monday.

I think my blower needs a little adjustment as it still doesn’t get down to the black pavement like my old single stage machine did; but with the sun that came out, the melting Tuesday allowed the driveway, parking area, and front walkway all to turn black rather quickly. It’s looking like I’ll be able to get out there again Sunday.

My super neighbor will undoubtedly do any major moving of snow with his plow, especially if the depth reaches three or four inches or more. My machine probably could easily handle the depth, but we get a big wind through our yard and there just doesn’t seem to be a way to direct the snow coming out of the machine away from me. I get covered every time. Neighbor Ed’s plow sure does help in that regard.

I think GW, who is passing that “spring chicken” age herself, is stuck with most of the shoveling that’s left over, appreciates my being able to help once again. She cleans the small front and back porches, the steps and the deck, but with my being able to help with the machine, once she gets it off those areas, I can move it into the grassy area with ease.

I must say it’s very good once again to be able to help. There’s nothing much worse than a grown man, even an “older” one, watching his wife doing all that shoveling outside. She doesn’t complain, at least to me, about the situation. She knows it might be unpleasant if I try to work out there and my heart decides it’s vacation time.

My Fearless Friend tells me his wife does a lot of the work at their home, too, and saves him a whole lot of mess to deal with. He does have a machine to help. I think women folk, especially those married to their man approaching a half century, like to take care of them to keep them around a little longer. At least I’d like to believe they want us around longer.

I’ll be able to help for the rest of January, but my impending defibrillator implant will stop it again at the end of the month. I’ve been told I’ll be on restrictions for several days after the surgery, now scheduled for Jan. 30th.

It seems strange for me to be looking forward to some snow being forecast for this weekend. I will like, though, being able to help outside and not leave it all to GW and, of course, plowing neighbor Ed.

Saturday might be the only day Gator Daughter comes over this weekend. It will give our pups a chance to run and play off some pent up energy. Although both our dogs’ have yards to roam in, they seem to get a lot more of the running and romping in our yard when they’re together. Both dogs settle down for afternoon naps after GD and her dog gets home and they also sleep well at night. So it’s good for both of them.

We have no projects scheduled which need GD’s help, so we’ll enjoy a lunch and some good talk while the dogs get their exercise. They’ve learned over the years that our noontime lunches do not include them.

Because of the forecast storm, it is very doubtful that we’ll have our visitors on the Sunday half of the weekend.

We’ve missed getting some pictures in our posts this past week. I’ll dig out the camera and see if something can’t be found for the coming one. Hmmm. Perhaps GW will take a picture of a snowman riding on a tractor. Naw! I doubt he’d go for that.

Enjoy your weekend and we’ll return Monday.



Sheepish Annie said...

It was quite a storm, although the snow was easy enough to move. I hope that you got it all taken care of with ease and that you are now enjoying the benefits of a job well done!

GiM said...

We didn't get it as bad here as some places. I saw on the news Scar got 6.5 inches, but my place didn't get that much. But this is the kind of storm I like...easy to move; and move it WG and I did. Thanks for the comment.