Saturday, January 17, 2009

Perhaps some snow this weekend

Since Monday is a holiday to celebrate Martin Luther King, we are in a long weekend. I’m sure the school kids will be pleased with this weekend as they don’t have school Monday. There’s a small chance they might be unhappy with it, too. It’s a scheduled day off so if the snow forecast for Sunday and possibly Monday is significant, they won’t lose a school day.

We’ve been putting up with some very cold weather and some of us “old-timers” know that it will take a reasonable snow storm to break us out of it. The forecast for Sunday hints there is the possibility of some significant snow. Monday was still a little “iffy” about the amount of snow, if any, for Monday.

The best weather news was that by mid week our temperatures could be reaching near 30. That’ll be downright balmy. Remember last summer when we were complaining about the heat and when the temperature dropped into the 60s, it was cold? Now we’re looking at 30s as being nice. It’s amazing how we adjust our climate perspective to the season.

If we do get some snow Sunday, there’s a good chance I’ll edit this two-day weekend post to include a picture or two. Of course, if it doesn’t turn out to be significant, I’ll continue my day off from posting. While I’m at it, if Monday’s potential storm warrants some pictures, they will be included in Tuesday’s post.

When I planned Monday’s session, I had forgotten that the day was to honor Martin Luther King. The post is already written by a guest and is not about that day.

That takes care of the looking ahead on posting stuff.

Gator Daughter and her dog, Gator Golden’s sister, frequently come to our home on weekends. It’s a two-fold purpose. It gives us a chance to spend some time with our daughter and it gives the two dogs a chance to get some exercise and play/social time.

We won’t be seeing them this weekend. The cold will keep them away Saturday as GD doesn’t like to have the dogs coming in and going out over and over from warm to cold and back. They love to be outside, but they also have a need to come inside to be sure we’re all still here.

The snow will keep them home Sunday.

Tuesday begins the end of my great heart adventure, for now. I’ll be meeting with the heart doctor who will implant a cardiac defibrillator into my chest at the end of the month. As you know if you read these thoughts with any regularity, I have heart disease. The implanted device will monitor my heart. If the heart beats a little too fast, the device will slow it down. If it stops or slows way down, the device will give it a little kick.

I learn all there is to learn, or at least all that I need to learn, during the visit with the doc. I also have to sign a bunch of papers that basically say that if I die, I won’t sue the doc or the hospital. Anytime a doctor cuts into someone, there’s some risk of a catastrophic result; but I’m assured the implant procedure is relatively low risk.

I mentioned the other day that the father of the head of the PT place I visit had the implant a couple months ago and is now feeling better and has more energy than he’s had in quite a spell. It would certainly be nice if I get the same results.

Also during the week, I’ll be heading back to Saco to pick up my new glasses…again. I was re-examined last Thursday and the prescription came out exactly the same as the one that didn’t work. It was determined that some wrong measurements, like the focal point I guess, or something like that, were off by millimeters. Perhaps even nanometers if there’s such a thing.

New lenses are, I hope were, reground and I should be picking them up this week.

I hope you stay warm and dry this weekend. If you’re one of the people who have Monday off, I hope it is a good day for you. As I said, there’s a guest poster on Monday and I’ll return Tuesday.


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