Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday Fitness Routine back to Normal

The first Tuesday of the New Year really got the routine back into focus. The now completed holiday season wasn’t terribly kind to me. There was so much good food and goodies around that, well, to put it gently, some of my clothes tightened just a little.

That’s a condition that not too many people associated with me thought was a good condition. My wife asked if I had put on a pound or two. I had visited my doctor just before Christmas to discuss my upcoming cardiac defibrillator implant and we both were a little surprised that his scales had somehow become corrupted. Even my therapist hinted that I was getting a little sluggish.

Gator Golden looked twice before that 65-pound beast climbed into my lap. She probably didn’t think she could get there. GG thinks she’s a tiny, little lap dog.

About the only one who was kind and didn’t comment was my Fearless Friend. Of course that may have been because he hasn’t seen me in a few weeks. Nevertheless, his kindness is noted.

I won’t call it a resolution because I don’t do resolution things. But I did decide that perhaps I was getting just a little too uncomfortable. So I stopped the seasonal food. It has surprised me how fast one can get back to business when it’s absolutely necessary.

The clothing fit has returned to close to normal. I had my annual physical exam yesterday and the first thing that had to be accomplished was getting on those darn scales. I didn’t ask the nurse how much it cost to fix them from my previous visit, but the reading was within two pounds of where I had been before the holidays. I might also mention that, except for the known problems, my physical exam went very well.

Today I was able to accomplish all my tasks at the senior fitness session I attend every Tuesday and Thursday, except holidays. I don’t want to give the impression they all went well. I’m not sure I’ll ever conquer the two parts that give me the most fits.

One of them is to stand on a platform and lift a weight with my leg using a straight side leg lift. After both legs have completed their tasks, they then switch to a knee lift. Most people would have little trouble with these exercises, but most people don’t have a chunk of steel and a dozen screws in their hip.

The other difficult-for-me exercise involves standing on a semi round ball and maintaining my balance. I’ve come a long way on that one. I’ll never forget the time Lisa, the trainer who occasionally works with me and makes suggestions, first had me on that ball. Somehow I have developed a major balancing problem, probably from various medical conditions I have, and I think my three reps on the ball that first time lasted a whole ten seconds.

Gradually, I increased the time but I always had to have my eyes straight ahead a focused or off the ball I went. I’ve improved that now to several minutes at a time and, even better, I can move my arms, my head, even hold a conversation while on the ball. Nevertheless, that routine takes more out of me than any other I do.

The other exercises are normal, routine ones that just about everyone who uses a physical center do. For a few days after my heart procedure before Christmas I had reduce the activity somewhat at the doctor’s orders and I’m now gradually getting it back to where I was. I will be taking a leave from the fitness center for a while after my implant at the end of this month.

It also helps to have a good support staff and very congenial fellow seniors to help pass the time away. We do have a great albeit small group, and along with all the joking and fun talk they we offer support for each other during tough times.

Don’t misunderstand anything here. I’m not the epitome of physical fitness anyway and my doctors would love to see me lose 25 or 30 more pounds, but it does feel good to be able to participate again even if just a little. Unfortunately, I’ve learned that when one crosses that 70 year mark, probably a little earlier than that, physical fitness gets more and more difficult.

My personal road map has put me back on the right road. It’s not a resolution so I don’t have one to break, but it is a good time of the year.

Go Gators! Beat Sooners Thursday Night!


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