Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A foul mood!

I’m in a foul mood today, so you might just want to skip me and move on.

The “Big Day” is over. We have a new President of the United States. I didn’t see the whole proceedings for various reasons, but what I did see was certainly impressive. I missed the inaugural speech but have read it posted on-line and have seen bits and pieces of it on various portions of the all-day news shows.

The pageantry was spectacular. It should have been considering the cost. I guess that was a nasty comment, but I can add to it. It would be hard to believe that the nation is in economic despair with the money thrown around yesterday.

Seems like it was only a little while ago when the news media was being very critical of money spent on the Republican inauguration. I wonder where the comment was this time.

I said yesterday we must all support our new President. Let’s hope he can turn all that hope and change into reality. He says we have to give him a lot of time to do it.

I normally mention my senior fitness class on Tuesdays. There are two reasons why that wasn’t mentioned yesterday. First, I had already planned the post for the inauguration of a new President. Second, because of an appointment with my cardiologist, I had to cancel my session at senior fitness. I’m not looking forward to tomorrow. Just one day off can raise havoc with the routine.

I met with one of my two cardiologists yesterday to have a full explanation of the procedure I’ll be having next week to have a device inserted in my chest to give my heart some help. I’ve been calling it by a secondary name for the past several weeks. The ICD is an implantable Cardioverter Defibrillator.

I had my heart attack just over seven years ago so I’m now in a critical stage for another one, probably a fatal one. The ICD is designed to help me get through this period. My surgery is slated for a week from Friday and on that day; my post will be the full story.

Another interesting development also occurred yesterday. I had hoped I’d get a call from the optician that my new glasses were ready. Sure enough, mid-afternoon yesterday the call came. Before I could get out of the house, a second call came. It was a mistake. My glasses weren’t ready after all.

There is a particular body function that usually ends with “off” when verbalized that best describes how I reacted. I rarely swear but that second call caused me to use a specific word in an email to my Fearless Friend. I’m ashamed I did that. I have become totally unhappy with an outfit that has served me extremely well for many years. I probably shouldn’t form a negative opinion, but I’m not happy.

I had my first exam on Dec. 31st. I know it was the holiday season, but the wait for the glasses was too long. When they finally did arrive, they were wrong. The doctor’s prescription was correct, but the optician department didn’t align the lenses correctly.

I had to wait more than a week before the doctor would become available to me to check the findings. The doctor’s work was correct. The person charged with making the new glasses was called in to do the measuring for the frame. That was last week. Another holiday, another delay.

The call came today; then it was cancelled. I’m still waiting. I’ll do my best to control myself when I finally get there to pick up the new glasses. I’m not sure I’d want to be facing me.

Perhaps that call is why I was so negative in the beginning with my comments about President Obama. Perhaps not. I would have thought a good night’s sleep would have gotten me out of the negative mood. It didn’t.

Because of previously planned posts, I didn’t get to comment on the Sunday snow storm. It was a pip. We got about 15 inches of new snow on our deck. But it certainly was pretty out there. And the light, fluffy snow was real easy to clean up at our place. I hope it was at yours, also.

This post has done one thing: It has gotten me mostly out of my foul mood. I guess articulating a problem helps. I still keep thinking of that eye place, though.


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