Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another cold day

I’ve been to and returned from my Senior Fitness session this morning. We were listening to the police monitor before I left and it was talking about slippery driving and walking. I almost didn’t go, but I’m glad I did. The roads I use were completely bare and dry and my concerns about the condition of the lot and walkways at the physical therapy place going downhill since the building has been sold and many of the tenants have moved out proved to be unfounded.

As usual the place was 90 percent bare and dry with just a few easily avoidable icy spots. Parking and walking to the building were as easy as always. So I’m glad I got my routine in. I think I mentioned last week that I had added using the stationary bike to my repertoire. I’ve already added some minutes to that routine so it seems to be making a difference.

A good thing happened as I was leaving. The owner of the facility, the one who designed the senior group for folks whose Medicare physical therapy payments have run out, was there today and he took me aside. He had been told I was going to have an ICD implant and wanted to share his father’s experience with me. His dad had the implant a couple of months ago.

He said his father had been told it would be six to eight weeks before he’d be back doing things. It only took a couple and he was driving after the first week. The father has more energy now than he’s had for a couple of years and wants to be doing things.

It was a great confidence builder for me and took a lot of the edge off having the implant at the end of the month. I was also told I’d be welcome back to the senior group just as soon as my doctor said I could participate again. I still have three sessions before I’ll be off for a while.

Next Tuesday is when my next heart adventure begins. It involves a meeting with the surgeon who will give me an implanted cardiac defibrillator (ICD). Tuesday’s meeting involves a full, complete explanation of the procedure, a Q and A session for me to get all my questions answered, and to sign all the legal documents that basically say I won’t sue the doctor or the hospital if I die.

WG will accompany me to the session. She’s much better and thinking of the proper questions to ask. I’d guess that it’s because it’s not she that’s going to get the thing. One day next week or the following week I’ll be giving you a full description of an ICD along with my heart disease. The actual procedure takes place at the end of the month.

The workman who replaced my garage door openers yesterday caught a little break. It was cold outside, 17 degrees when he began with a wind chill of minus 4.1. But the garage doors are on the east side of the garage and the wind was blowing from the northwest so he wasn’t getting the full force. Actually, out of the wind and at least partly in sunshine, it wasn’t too bad out there.

But what a difference in the doors! He found the rollers had flattened out over the years and that was why my door opened part way then stopped. Most of the ball bearings had worn down, too. He said it was a combination tension/flat wheel problem and showed me. Wife Gator was just plain lucky her door worked at all with the problems on her device and doors. Both doors are all fixed and the operators replaced and run very smoothly. I’m pleased.

Later on today I’ll be heading down to Saco for a visit with my eye doctor. I had been measured for new glasses on the last day of last year. When I went to pick them up a few days later, I couldn’t see through them. Unfortunately the doc was on vacation that week so I had to wait until today to return. We’ll find out what went wrong and get it all straightened out.

My confidence in this doctor hasn’t diminished. She’s been keeping my eyes at 20-20 for more years than I’d care to remember. One other time we had a problem, but it was quickly corrected. I suspect this time will be equally as quickly corrected.

I think the cold is freezing the blood in my head this morning. About all I can think about is the cold. Even Gator Golden has noticed the weather. She went out this morning for whatever her morning routine is and was back in within three minutes. Weather guy Kevin on Ch. 6 this morning said we’re in the normally coldest time of the year, but this spell is outrageous. The temperature might get into double digits today…10 degrees. Tomorrow is supposed to be colder.

Just think how cold it might be if we weren’t experiencing global warming.


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