Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just some stuff interesting to me

I’m running a little late here this morning. My stay at the senior fitness facility was longer than usual because the owner was there telling us about the official move at the end of the month. We’ve been anticipating ever since last August or September that a move was imminent, but for reasons we’re not privy to it had been delayed. Now the official move will be over the weekend of Jan. 31/Feb. 1.

The new place is going to be rather nice and it’s just a couple blocks from its present location. Right now the company’s South Portland facility is in the former Intermed building on Foden Road. Saco Bay Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Center is moving that location up, or down depending on your perspective, Foden Road across Western Avenue to a building adjacent to Fairchild Semiconductor.

The owner invites some senior citizen clients of his who have demonstrated a commitment to exercise to join a group he sponsors at a price most seniors no longer getting Medicare help for PT can afford. Participation is by invitation only, as I understand it, and is for former Saco Bay clients. I was invited to join.

The advantage of being in this place is that there are physical therapists and athletic trainers on duty whenever the gym section is open. Although they don’t work with us one on one, they are available for suggestions and help if it is needed.

The new facility will be far superior to the great one we now use with lots of new and different equipment. All of us seniors who participate in the senior fitness program are looking forward to the new facility which will open Feb. 2nd.

Yesterday wasn’t as cold as we were led to believe it would be. Although the temperatures didn’t get over the freezing mark, the lack of wind almost made it feel like it was nice outside. We did get some snow showers, an inch or two of them, but the snow was so dry, light and fluffy, it only took a slight effort to move it away.

Today, according to the morning weather reports, should be a similar one with temperatures even perhaps reaching or slightly above that 32 degree mark. But then it will all come crashing down with some possible snow squalls and snow showers tonight will usher in some of the coldest temperatures of the season.

I’m happy for retired Boston Red Sox outfielder Jim Rice. He finally has become a Hall of Famer, in the very last year of his eligibility. It is an honor that should have been given after that first five years of retirement. I was still a young man when he played for the Sox, but for 15 years he was one of the best players.

His long wait for the Hall of Fame call was probably a retaliation by the media because Rice was not the most available player to anyone but the team. For the most part, he simply played well, drive in runs well, hit homers well. He was an Most Valuable Player and an All-Star. What he didn’t do was pander to the media. Thus the media didn’t vote for him for the Hall of Fame.

A big campaign recently by a group of retirees for the media to take another look at Rice and his accomplishments paid off this year. Jim Rice will be going to the Hall of fame. I wonder if he’ll show up for his induction there.

The stories out of Washington are fascinating. President-elect Obama wants to hit the ground running next Tuesday when he become the 44th President of the United States. Among other things, he calling for a huge economic stimulus package to help the country’s economical crisis. Obama is a Democrat, but the Democrat controlled Congress seems to be telling him, “Just a minute, young upstart fellow. We’re still in control and we’ll show you we are.”

Congress is making the former senator work for his package. In the end, Congress will give him most if not all of what he wants, but it would appear it wants to at least pretend who’s boss. My bet is that Obama will end up being “the boss.”

All that, of course, isn’t going to change the simple truth. One cannot get out of a deficit by borrowing. Think of your own situation. If you’re in need of money and borrow more, what is the result. Of course. You’re simply deeper into debt. That’s what’s happening in Washington (and our state wants to follow suit). Get us out of the recession by borrowing us deeper into it. It has never worked the past and it won’t work now.


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