Saturday, August 22, 2009

A wet weekend, but maybe little or no Bill

I guess this will be a wet, somewhat windy weekend as Hurricane Bill ambles by out to sea. Although it doesn’t look like we will get a major punch, the weekend has a potential of being just a little wild. I must admit I’m a little happier about the potential with the current (Friday) forecast for the weekend. The Weather Channel early Saturday seemed to indicate we'd probably miss just about all of the storm, except for some thundershowers.

We did have a little blip Friday evening. One of my first jobs when I returned to Maine in 1960 was as what the television people call a stringer. It was only part time, but I was the one who got called out after normal hours to take TV film of any breaking major event, such as a big fire, a major traffic accident, a crime, and the like.

The only connection of those early days and today is that I got into the habit of listening to a police radio so I’d know when to head out. Although it’s been since the 1970s since I’ve filmed events, that habit has never left me and I still monitor police calls even though modern police equipment and old monitors don’t communicate very well any more. Friday evening I did pick up a call on the Scarborough frequency that caused me to open my eyes to the world around me a little more.

We were under a tornado watch.

Gator Wife and I looked out windows all around our house, but we didn’t spot anything resembling a tornado. It was extremely dark to the northwest of us and those black, threatening clouds seemed to be heading right at our neighborhood. Indeed some very black ones did pass over. We saw one lightning flash and heard one thunder clap. Little or no wind accompanied it although we did get a light shower.

I don’t know if any part of Scarborough got anything major or not; but by 6:30 Friday evening, the time the watch was scheduled to expire, the skies had begun to lighten and we were apparently out of any danger.

We did see something in Gator Golden we've never seen before. She had had her evening meal and needed to make her visit outside. We held off until after it appeared the storm had passed and the opened the door for her. She stood on the porch, looked to the sky, stuck her nose up and took a couple sniffs, then immediately turned around to come back in. She obviously didn't like what was happening. Later she did get her needs resolved.

It was a scary time, though. Probably the vast majority of town's people never even knew the watch was in effect.

The Gator Clan doesn’t have too much planned for this weekend. Too much? Shucks, nothing. Because of the storm which has been in the forecast for about a week now, we had already decided we’d just ride it out. With rain and potential wind, Gator Daughter probably will keep her dog home, too.

Gator Wife is taking advantage of the forecast to put in a few extra hours at her part time work place. Because of vacations and the departure of some personnel, the company is a little short on help, GW volunteered to work her short shift both weekend days.

That’s going to leave the old Gator Dude all alone to watch the weather outside. Of course, this is the weekend of the Little League World Series, which I’ll watch, weather permitting. And I think there might be a little American League baseball series taking place, again weather permitting. Might even have a chance to watch some cars or trucks running around in circles.

I can also spend a few minutes thinking about which to write during next week. Gosh! It could be busier than I think. I hope your homesteads and families remain safe, and don’t forget to check on your elderly neighbors or family members from time to time. We’ll be back Monday morning.


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