Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It's just been too hot to even think.

It simply has been too darn hot for the last few days.

We’re told that we may see some of the humidity begin to leave the area today, but it will still be warm and muggy for most of it. A cold front approaching tomorrow, or as WCSH-TV meteorologist Roger Griswold called it yesterday “really just dry air,” should finally give the humidity a knockout punch. Unfortunately, though, it won’t be down for the ten count as it will return Friday.

We first began to feel this heat way back last Saturday. The official temperature for the area was only in the mid to upper 80s, but the thermometer in a protected area outside my house said we were in the low 90s. It takes three consecutive days of 90+ readings for a span to be called a heat wave. We had the same type of readings Sunday so Greater Portland was short of its heat wave.

Not my yard. We have crossed that 90 number each day, including yesterday so as far as I’m concerned, official or unofficial, the Gator homestead had a heat wave.

Yesterday was by far the worst of the four days. I have no idea where Google gets its temperature reading in our area. If I had to guess, my guess would be the Jetport. (Does any other municipal airport in the nation call itself a “jetport?”?) Yesterday, about two o’clock the temperature thing I use on my Google toolbar said it was 94 degrees. My own weather station said in my yard it was 95.3. That’s close enough to assume both were working correctly.

The weekend heat didn’t stop our work around the house. The Saturday chore was in the basement where it really was nice and comfortable. Sunday’s ride around the yard on the lawn mower wasn’t nice and comfortable.

After the heat was in full control Monday, neither Gator Wife nor it expended much energy. Yesterday, we did even less, although I did start out the day as I always do on Tuesdays with a trip to my senior fitness session. The heat and humidity, however, had gotten to a very vulnerable hip with is screwed together and a vulnerable back with a fusing backbone.

Don’t read bad stuff into that. I only have one condition that I use to judge my day. Any day I put my feet on the floor is a good day. But, oh, brother, it sure was hot.

It was also one of the poorer attempts at exercise at the senior fitness place than I’ve had recently. As I told my Fearless Friend, about all I did was touch each of the machines I use in my scheduled routine. At least I attempted something. My ride on the stationary bike lasted only about 15 minutes.

We’re not sure what the heat will bring today, but there is a good chance the unofficial heat wave on the Gatorland is over. That could make a very nice day.

As I began, it simply has been too darn hot for the last few days. One of my fellow senior fitness participants said yesterday, “Just wait until January. We’ll be longing for the ‘good old days of last summer.’”

Oh. The answer to my question is, “Yes.” Naples, Florida, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, come to mind, and there are others.


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