Saturday, August 29, 2009

Danny Boy, oh Danny Boy didn't quite make it.

The weekend began on a rather wet note. WCSH-TV weatherman Joe Cupo explained to us last night that actually two different storms are affecting our area. Kevin Mannix said Saturday morning the number was four. Surprisingly, Tropical Storm Danny, downgraded to tropical depression Danny, hasn’t developed as much as early indications hinted it would, so its effect on our area is rather minimal.

Another storm coming at us from the west is the main culprit. It arrived in Southern New England late Friday and now, apparently siphoning some energy from Danny, is causing wet weather, possibly up to 4 inches of rain, as it moves into Nova Scotia Sunday.

That leaves an unplanned weekend for the Gator clan. Because of the rainy and windy conditions in our area Saturday, we know Gator Daughter and her dog won’t be visiting us. The forecast indicated we might get some sunshine returning Sunday so that day will be played by ear. In fact Joe Cupo said Friday night the storm should be out of our area by Saturday midnight.

The lawn got its first cut in a couple of weeks Friday so at least that isn’t a chore that needs attention. We were surprised, and pleasantly so, Friday when one full size cucumber and a moderately sized summer squash were found in Gator Wife’s garden. Although still rather small, both green and yellow beans from the second planting are beginning to show some promise. We had believed the gardens were a near total loss a week ago.

Some parts of them are as GW had to pull many plants. Some stuff had spoiled in the August rain and lack of sunshine, and some had suffered from blight. Those plants had been pulled so tomatoes, for example, won’t be with us this year.

We aren’t getting too hopeful, but a little, that some of the other vegetables will present us with at least a little fresh food. If they do, however, it won’t be a lot. After all, one cucumber and two summer squash aren’t very much. But both showed some promise of further development if they survive the weekend weather.

That’s how our weekend looks, one of those day-by-day planners. I’ll try to think of new stuff to present here when I return Monday. I hope your weekend is a good one.


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