Monday, August 24, 2009

The final push is on. Can you help?

The hurricane which passed well to the east of us didn’t really materialize on our neck of the woods. A passing cold front did cause a tornado inland and that did considerable damage. The coast received some rather heavy and beautiful waves, and Downeast some storm watchers were washed into the ocean. A seven-year-old girl did not survive.

Actually both Saturday and most of Sunday were pretty darn nice days on the Gator’s place. I understand some nearby areas did get rain. Gator Daughter said it was pouring at her home in Portland and my Fearless Friend said his neighborhood also got some rain. Our home was relatively spared until late yesterday afternoon when some real gully washers passed by.

Today's weather forecast indicated today might be pretty much a copy of yesterday, but any storms probably won’t be as severe.

I’m just a little embarrassed I forgot about the WCSH-TV Sidewalk Art Festival last Saturday. No, I don’t attend the thing, but I wrote here about the possibility of Saturday being a wet day with storms passing all around us. “All around us” is the key phrase because many areas in Southern Maine did get some wet weather Saturday. And, yes, there was a shower or two in the Greater Portland area. But for the most part, Saturday was a beautiful, sunny day. As it always is for the Sidewalk Art Festival.

It’s sometimes amazing what we remember when age begins to take over our minds, but I remember way back when the Art Festival got its beginning, the two men responsible for it did research on years and years of weather. They discovered that the summer day with the least chance of rain was the third Saturday of August; and it has been that way ever since.

Because I’m not associated with the Festival, I’m not 100% sure of this, but I can only remember one Saturday, and there may have been two, when the Festival was postponed because of rain. So, in spite of the weather cautions, I should have pointed out this little piece of information in my weekend post and simply pooh-poohed the weather people with their possible rain forecast.

I received an email over the weekend that might be of interest.

Jack Wibby, a founder of Maine Taxpayers United, sent a message that the Still Fed Up with Taxes PAC, which he has been strongly supporting, has reported to him that it now believes it will be able to present petitions containing the required just over 55-thousand signatures to force a referendum on repealing the tax increase passed by the last legislature.

However, according to the email, State Senator David Trahan, a leader in the PAC, said it would be close and they would like another few thousand signatures to give them the cushion they need as some of the signatures may be rejected by the Secretary of State’s office. The petitions are due in that office early in September.

Wibby is asking anyone willing to form a team to canvas various neighborhoods, specifically in the communities around Portland and Westbrook, to contact him. (807-8631) He also will be traveling to Gray, Yarmouth and other communities this week collecting signatures.

If you haven’t yet signed the petition seeking a ballot question to repeal LD1495and wish to sign it, or if you can give some of your time to help this final push for signatures, you can contact Wibby.

LD 1495 is what the Democrats are calling a revenue neutral tax reform for Maine, but in effect it will add to your taxes, both sales and income. That promised 2% reduction in the top income tax rate is what the Democrats are saying will get you a reduction. But it deletes deductions so the new lower rate will be paid on a higher income for most. Some people will get a household tax credit.

And I hope the straits in which the Red Sox find themselves this morning aren't as dire as they sure do look.


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