Thursday, August 6, 2009

Finally! The lawn is mowed!

Senior Fitness should be interesting this morning. You may recall that I didn’t go Tuesday because I accompanied Gator Wife to an appointment. Then Tuesday’s humidity did a real number on the unexercised body. Even though we have our sessions only twice a week, I have learned that missing just one of those sessions can make the return a real chore.

So this morning I’ll head back to the physical therapy center’s gym where a group of us seniors put our bodies through various paces every Tuesday and Thursday. I don’t expect to increase anything; but if I just maintain what I did a week ago, I’ll be very satisfied.

My weather station has died. It stopped working over the weekend and I was sure that if I just changed the batteries, it would be a happy little device once again. It wasn’t. There are very explicit instructions on what to do to change the batteries and even more on what to do if the readings don’t return. I followed them all several times. I even resorted to starting from page one, the original setting up of the device. Nothing. All I get each time is a beep which says it’s working, and the blinking icons on both of my receivers tell me there’s activity. Only a flat line shows on the displays of both.

Both my receiver stations are indicating they’re trying to find a signal by their blinking icons so my educated guess is that the sending station has expired. I’ll miss my little weather station as both Gator Wife and I kept close track on the weather. It has become a habit. I’ve also used some of its readings to show what’s happening on the Gator Homestead. I guess they’ll end, too, since I have nothing to read.

I’ve been looking for a new one on the Internet, but the ones with all the functions I had and want are little more expensive than I want to pay. GW hopes I’ll find one as she already misses her station. She does a better job predicting the weather than the TV people.

Yesterday passed and I still haven’t found the weather station I want. It’s out there, somewhere, and I’ll find it soon. A national outdoor store in Scarborough has weather stations. I had planned to visit it yesterday to see if the “right” one were there.

Another chore demanded my attention, however, and it took precedent. After almost two weeks my foot high lawn finally got mowed. It was so tall, though, that it still hadn’t completely dried out and a combination of the bulk and wetness of the grass prevented me from using my bagging attachment.

Even as the hay lies there drying, the lawn looks much better than it did earlier in the day. Today isn’t forecast to be as warm as yesterday, but if that hay dries by early afternoon, I’ll be outside vacuuming it up. I’ll leave the mowing deck in the mowing position to also finish off some strips that didn’t come clean because of the piles of grass.

If all goes well, I’ll visit that outdoor store today. It will be my first trip there.

I’ve stayed away from the political stuff today. I’m not sure what else I can say about the national debt, the clunkers car program, health care, stimulus spending, etc. They’re all going to be disastrous. My own experience has taught me one undeniable truth: One cannot borrow oneself out of debt and into prosperity.

There’s also growing evidence that the American people are beginning to feel the pinch of what’s happening, too. The protests are growing louder and louder. Unfortunately, the critters in Congress have their minds made up and want to spend their way into elective oblivion. We’ll have to pay now, but their time will come, and then we’ll see how happy they are.


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