Friday, August 21, 2009

Those "shocking" pictures

The wait is underway. WCSH-TV weather man Roger Griswold said this morning it now looks like it won’t be until Sunday morning before Hurricane Bill passes by. He added Bill is expected to remain off shore, but there is always the chance we’ll get some rather heavy rain, I’ve seen estimates of up to three inches, along with potentially very strong winds. Hurricanes, however, are really very unpredictable and in spite of the weather people’s best guesses, we won’t know what, if anything, we’ll get here in Southern Coastal Maine until the storm gets here.

So, the wait continues.

There must be something really wrong with being an old codger. The internet and the news media have been abuzz for the last few days over some shorts that Michelle Obama wore while vacationing with her kids visiting national parks. Just about every forum and news source I read has had either still pictures or video of the First Lady’s “shocking” clothing.

I suspect most anyone who reads these posts here know exactly where I stand on the Obamas. My objections are solely on the policies of the administration, not the people themselves. I don’t know them and have never met them. Probably a half decent chance I never will. So my comments on these posts are only about what I perceive as a very wrong change taking place in America.

So I look at the pictures of Mrs. Obama in those shorts and have to wonder what all the hullabaloo is about. The shorts certainly aren’t too short or too tight. They aren’t designed to raise any prurient interests. They appear to be rather conservative.

Her outfit appears to me to be exactly what a young mother would wear while accompanying her children and husband on a visit to a place like the Grand Canyon. Or Yellowstone. Or Yosemite. She’s probably overdressed for Old Orchard. I know when Gator Wife and I visited those places along with many more, GW always dressed comfortably and decently.

Me? I only have one set of clothing. I wear my polo shirt, chinos and sneakers to funerals, weddings, and every place in between.

For once I’m not going to join the race to condemn; in fact, I salute Mrs. Obama, the mother, for dressing appropriately with her children in visiting vacation and recreational places. It’s a very proper parental role.

Now about her husband’s policies . . .

One of those policies is the Cash for Clunkers campaign. The government announced yesterday that it will end Monday. Therefore, if you’ve been on the hill about trading your older car, you’re running out of time…again.

The billion dollar stimulus project ran out of that billion in the first week so Congress, with the urging of the President, pumped another two billion dollars into it. That’s almost gone and is expected to be gone by 8 PM Monday.

Of course finding a dealer to sell you one might be a problem as many dealers have withdrawn from the program. I haven’t read of any from Southern Maine that have withdrawn. The problem is getting the money from the federal government. According to reports, only about three percent of the new car deals have been reimbursed so far by the government leaving, says a national dealers’ group, the sellers being owed more than a billion dollars. Some dealers say they can’t afford it any longer and no longer will participate.

Federal officials say they were caught off guard by the speed and success of the program but now have enough people on hand to process the claims. They assure the auto dealers that all valid claims will be paid. Of course we know how well government tends to pay its obligations.

In any event, the program will close Monday so you have just a couple more days to get your deal. If you’re wondering, I’m not looking.

And the Wall Street Journal on-line has a story of just how well we can expect the national drive for health care reform can work. And it's about the Public Option in Maine.

Keep your eye out on that hurricane wandering in our general direction and be sure you’re prepared for anything. I won’t be disappointed if like winter snow storms, it doesn’t materialize here.


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