Monday, August 3, 2009

A Monday Ramble

I goofed this past weekend. I’d like to say miscalculated, or misled by the weather people, but I’m the one who “put off until tomorrow” what I should have done Saturday.

My lawn is almost ready for the sheep. I’d guess the grass is four to six inches or longer in places. I had planned to mow it during the weekend. The weather reports I saw said Saturday would be a gorgeous day, a little warm and humid but sunny. It was. Those same reports I thought said Sunday morning would be nice, too, with sunshine giving way to clouds later on and rain arriving late afternoon. I decided to mow Sunday morning.

I must have missed something. Sunday dawned cloud, drizzly, foggy, dank, just plain crummy. On my little piece of the earth it never changed. I think we got some very light showers during the day, too. My lawn didn’t get touched and it still needs me to go out, possibly this afternoon, to do the chore. That, too, may be postponed so I can be with Gator Wife as she goes through an uncomfortable experience.

You see, tomorrow she’s having a routine procedure so when she gets home from her part time job around noontime today, she’ll begin the evacuation routine preparing for tomorrow. I can’t do anything to help her except simply being at her side whenever she needs me. If you’ve never had one of these procedures, you don’t know that it’s not the highlight of a fun time.

It was interesting following the news over the weekend. President Obama alternately was praised and condemned for his “Beer Summit” and his “teachable moment.” The beer fest was held Thursday night and about all that came out of it was Police Sgt. Crowley and Harvard Professor Gates agreeing to disagree. They mentioned meeting again. The party was held because the police officer arrested the professor for misconduct as the officer was investigating a reported break in at the professor’s house.

The President got into the fray because he called the police department’s action stupid even though he said he didn’t know the facts.

I don’t know how much beer was drunk.

Is there no end to the runaway spending in Washington? Already deeper in debt than all previous administrations in history, the House has called for an additional two billion dollars for the “Cash for Clunkers” program. Actually, the House wants the money transferred from another stimulus program which makes one wonder if it were important in the first place.

“Cash for Clunkers” gives people up to $4500 to trade in old, inefficient cars for new ones which give improved gas mileage and less emission pollution. Congress had allocated one billion dollars for the program, but it ran out of money in the first week. Now there’s an effort to add another two billion so the program can continue. It also puts people deeper into debt to pay for those new cars.

There is a small possibility the Senate will not go along with the plan.

I saw a question asked somewhere that was interesting. How can we possibly expect the government to fix the health care costs without more huge debts since it couldn’t even run a good “Cash for Cars” program? Good question. The health care program is going to cost into the trillions of dollars and the care we receive will be terrible with long lines and selective care.

Doubt me? Read the proposed bill.

Lawmakers are now back in their districts to get the people to back them. The problem is, people are beginning to realize just how bad this health care legislation is. If numerous clips on “YouTube” are any indication, the congress critters are in for a rough time trying to defend another huge spending program they haven’t even read. The “YouTube” clips are showing a very disgruntled populace.

How many of you have noticed over the weekend that President Obama insiders are now talking openly about the need for tax increases to start paying back the money they’ve spent with no apparent plan to pay for it. Tax increase is, after all, the only Democratic solution to the problems they create.

And finally today, I applaud the Stand for Marriage Maine coalition for collecting more than 100-thousand signatures in a petition drive to force to referendum the question of marriage rights for gay couples. The Legislature passed and the governor signed a law changing the definition of marriage to include same sex couples. If the People’s Veto is successful in the November elections, that law will be overturned.

What pleases me is that all the people of Maine will be deciding if the concept of marriage should be changed. No matter how we feel about the law, it is one that should be decided by everyone and not just a special interest influenced legislature.


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