Saturday, August 15, 2009

A hot, working weekend

The weekend has arrived once again, and this one promises to be a “Pip.” The weather reports say both days will be extremely nice, except there will be some humidity along with the high temperatures. We could hit the 90s this weekend, even getting a full-blown heat wave with three consecutive days in the 90s.

That’s not going to stop the work around the homestead, however. Gator Daughter will be here Saturday morning and we’re going to put some new baseboards around our ‘family’ room in the cellar. A few weeks back we had a critter build a nest in a drainpipe which caused water to get into our cellar.

As a result, a carpet in that room had to be eliminated and the water marks were also visible on the baseboards. We took all those down a couple of weeks ago and have spent a lot of time down there cleaning the place and getting it usable once again.

We have arranged for a new carpet to be installed in a couple of weeks, and now we’re ready to replace the baseboards with new ones. I have already stained them. The only real obstacle is my hammering ability. It doesn’t exist. I could easily just get some finish nails and drive them in with the hammer, but then I’d have the most decorated baseboard with little, round indentations in Southern Maine.

I have this super neighbor who takes pity on me occasionally. He brought his finish nail pneumatic hammer over or us to use and he included a very fancy saw so I could cut angles for corners and make all the other cuts nice and neat. I’ve never used either.

My fellow senior fitness attendee, who knew I was getting the nailing device and does use such things, said only that I need to be careful. “Don’t just pull the trigger to see how far you can shoot nails,” he cautioned.

One thing we won’t be doing, or I should say Gator Wife and Gator Daughter won’t be doing, is working in the veggie gardens. As I said yesterday, they virtually no longer exist.

But we do have a rather large lawn and between us, GD and I will probably reduce its grass length sometime this weekend.

I hope you have a great time enjoying this fine, summer, Maine weather we’ll experience both days and I’ll return Monday.


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