Saturday, August 8, 2009

A "real" summer weekend

This weekend is ending a great weather week but beginning one with some wet weather in the forecast. Saturday should be the better of the two days as it will be mostly sunny and nice. As they did just a week ago, clouds will probably start moving in and we could see some shower activity by day’s end Sunday. If those showers and thunder showers do develop, there’s a good chance they’ll carry into Monday. At least that’s the way it was in Friday’s forecasts.

The Gator Clan will have a good weekend. Gator Daughter and her pup will be here Saturday afternoon and Gator Wife has informed us that steaks will be cooked on the grill outside. That, of course, means the Old Dude will have to make his world famous onion rings. We’ve sort of gotten into equating a grilled steak meal with onion rings.

I guess it would only be fair to limit that “world famous” part to the little corner of the world we call the Gator home.

Saturday will also be a day when I get to ride around my lawn with a two-fold purpose. Partly I want to vacuum up the grass clippings I left earlier this week because the lawn was so long and thick and damp my machine wouldn’t touch it. At the same time, I’ll give it a nice, even clip so that it will then be done for another week. I’m rapidly reaching that time of year when mowing the lawn is beginning to become a chore.

I’ll also be looking for some opportunities to get a whole bunch of pictures of Gator Golden and perhaps her sister. If those opportunities do present themselves, we’ll be able to return next week with some fresh shots of our little Golden gem.

I suspect Sunday will be a day of rest for all of us. If that expected rain materializes, it definitely will be. I’ll be able to spend some time giving some thoughts to another week, but with both Congress and Maine’s legislature idle, it will be a challenge. I hope you’re enjoying your weekend and we’ll be back Monday.


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