Saturday, May 1, 2010

A busy weekend for some of the Gator Clan

It sure did seem like last week was a fast one.  Faster than usual and usually weeks just fly by when one is my age. 

The weekend should start off just beautifully.  The weather folk tell us that some parts of Maine and New Hampshire could hit the 80s before Saturday ends.  Unfortunately, those same folks tell us that we who live on the south side of Route One will get some sea breezes which will keep the temperature down just a bit.

The Sunday half the weekend will probably be cloudy, we're told, with the possibility of some showers Sunday afternoon into night.

The Old Gator Dude completed his part of preparing the yard for Gator Wife and Gator Daughter Friday.  For the fourth time in April the lawn got mowed except this time the cut was a little shorfter near some border material that the women are going to replace.  The new stuff has a groove at the bottom and ground nails will be used to try to hold it better in place.

What we have now comes up two or three inches each year causing the gals some extra work.  I don't know if the new stuff with its anchors will do any better, but I've seen it used on the Saturday Home Depot Hometime show and it seems to work.  The stuff goes about four inches into the ground and keeps the lawn and gardens separated. 

They would like to get it all done by Sunday afternoon, but that will depend on the Sunday weather.

Except for mowing, I don't do yard work.  I'm lucky to have a wife and daughter who could spend all the warm weather outside.  They've been talking about planting our vegetable gardens, too, but know even though its the first weekend in May, it's still a couple weeks too early.  They will begin prepping the beds probably next weekend, though.

I'll probably be out there for a little while doing some heavy supervising and looking for some photo opportunities for the two Goldens who will also be out there.  If I have success, the pictures will probably dot this place next week.

Meanwhile, I hope you have a real nice weekend and that all your plans are successful.


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