Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thursday, Thursday!

What a difference an hour makes?  Late yesterday afternoon my weather station told me it was 92.6 degrees.  An hour and a half later it was 84 degrees and then just a couple hours after that high reading, it had fallen into 60s.  WCSH TV meteorologist Joe Cupo told us a front was passing through.  It sure did.  The temperature continued to drop into the night.

But that's O.K.  Cupo said it will be a little cooler today, but then the temperatures will rebound a little for a very nice holiday weekend.  Let's hope he's correct.

I got my two new hearing aids yesterday and then immediately headed for my noontime luncheon with my fellow retirees.  I learned I have a lot of adjustments to make and now I know why the audiologist scheduled me for a second "fitting" appointment for next week.  She'll listen to my experiences, and already there are many, and then make the final adjustments. 

That need for some more work said, I need to also say that the difference between these new hearing aids and the ones they've replaced is like night and day.  Even before those final adjustments to even out the sound, I'm hearing better than I have for years.  So far, it was a good choice to get new hearing aids.

Yesterday's luncheon was a good time; it always is.  We were missing a couple of attendees, but that didn't take anything away from the rest of us.  One of our group just returned from a three week tour of the southwestern national parks.  He had some good stuff to share with us, but he learned that the only way one can really appreciate those parks, like Zion, Bryce Canyon, Arches, The Grand Canyon, etc. is to actually visit them.

Two others of us have visited those and many more parks and understood clearly when he said simply, "They are awesome."  Then he went on to explain words just cannot do them justice.

It was just too hot yesterday to have given much thought to today's venture into netland.  So I'll just leave you right here.  Enjoy your Thursday.  I will just as soon as I get home from my senior fitness session.


*****The Vote No campaign is lying to you.  It is their proposals that will result in you paying more taxes.  If you don't want higher taxes, Vote YES on Question One on the June 8th ballot.*****