Monday, May 3, 2010

A great weekend, except for the dogs!

This past weekend was just beautiful.  We did get a rather 'healthy' onshore breeze Saturday afternoon.  We live a little distance away from the shore, close to Route One which we can see from our window, so by the time that breeze got here, it had subsided just a bit.  Nevertheless, it did cool down the temperatures rather quickly.

Sunday, on the other hand, was very warm and if there were a seabreeze, it didn't affect us.

As a result of the two great days, Gator Wife and our daughter replaced all the guard stuff next to the house that protects GW's gardens from lawn crawl.  I don't know much about such matters, but I suspect it also protects the lawn from some garden weeds.  In either case they did a superior job.

I had planned to get a whole bunch of new pictures of Gator Golden and our daughter's dog.  They spent both days in the yard.  But every time I showed up, they went on strike.  I guess they wanted more than the little treat I had for them if they cooperated.  They wanted the treats but they still wouldn't cooperate.  So I got no exciting pictures.

For Example:
Gator Golden just laid down and watched to be sure I didn't disturb the working girls.

Then she turned to face the yard next door to keep an eye on it (That's she in the rear.) while her sister, closest, keeps an eye on me waiting for me to put away the camera.

And so it went, a beautiful weekend on the Gator Homestead.  If only the dogs had cooperated . . .


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