Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I hope to hear those crickets today!

Happy Wednesday.  And the potential for it being happy for the Old Gator Dude is excellent. 

The weather folk tapped yesterday right on the nose.  It was a warm, beautiful day over our part of the state.  Some rather nasty thunderstorms rumbled through northern regions.  Today will be close to the same. 

My weather station is not an official one so its readings only reflect the place its in.  But the temperature sensor is protected from the sun, but it's on a white wall which may get some reflections from other walls.  Nevertheless, I had a recording of 92 degrees for a brief while, but for the most part it remained in the upper 80s.  Officially a record was not set yesterday, but on my place the 92 tied the official record for the date.

The weather today should be more of the same, but probably not into the 90s.

Now, why so happy?  I got the call for which I had been hopimg yesterday.  I have an appointment mid-morning today to get my new hearing aids...two of them.  They will replace one that was broken a couple weeks ago and another that is simply running out of its useful life.  These new aids have some fantastic features which will allow my hearing to adjust itself in virtually any surrounding.

And small!  They are only an inch or less long and about a quarter inch on each side.  I remember when my grandmother first got her hearing aid a half century ago.  It was a little box she had to clip on her clothing with a long wire going to her ear.  She hated it and seldom wore it.  I also remember that almost everytime she got near something, it squealed very loudly.

Even just a few years ago, of course, hearing aids were small enough to sit behind the ear, but everyone knew who had them on.  And many of them squealed, too.  My two old ones were pretty well unnoticeable with one behind the ear and the other in the ear.  I'll know these new ones are there, but they won't be standing out like the sore thumb.

Technology has changed.

I'll probably be able to give them a quick workout at lunchtime today.  This is the last Wednesday of the Month luncheon day.  It'll be interesting for me to see how well these new ones adjust to the din of a restaurant at a table crowded with a bunch of old retirees all needing to speak at the same time.

I'm hoping that happy day potential comes to full fruition.


*****In Maine keep your taxes from going YES on Question One on the June 8th ballot.*****