Monday, May 10, 2010

Another week is underway

I hope all you moms had just a superior day. I think Gator Wife was happy, but a little disappointed as well. She and Gator Daughter were unable to work outside in the gardens because of the winds. They were afraid that about anything they tried to spread would just be blown away.

It may have worked out for the best, though. Planting they had planned was postponed and Monday morning's weather forecast said we could get some frost tonight. Maine always has a late frost and many of us wait until after that May frost to do any real planting. The spring we've had has made it difficult to hold off, but it now appears we may have made the right decisions.

And speaking of that wind, it seems like it's been just been howling since mid last week. Sometimes I think this year is getting mixed up.

We're in another week. Except for GW's work schedule and my senior fitness schedule, we don't have much planned. GW does have a scheduled follow up appointment with her cancer doc Friday. She's not anticipating anything except, "See you in six months."

The Red Sox finally won a game Sunday night. I only watched it through the five run inning which all but wrapped it up for the Sox. I think that was the third inning. Methinks the 2010 Red Sox is the best in recent years. The Bruins could wrap up their semi-final series and the Celtics are trying to stay in the NBA playoffs. So it could be an interesting sports week.

I didn't attend the Republican Convention in Portland, but I've read about it. I guess the only real question mark came from the adoption of a Party Platform. Apparently it got changed at the last minute. My reactions in reading it was, "Who cares?" Do you know what is in the Platform? Or in any platform over the last, say, fifty years? I don't.

Like most uninvolved Party outsiders, I look at who is closest to my feelings on issues and vote for that individual, not what a Platform says.

I hope you have a great week.


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