Friday, May 7, 2010

Mother's Weekend

This is a weekend when Moms everywhere get their rewards for being Mom. Sunday is Mother's Day. Gator Daughter will be here to honor her Mom. She usually brings some sort of plant with her and helps Gator Wife plant it, or sometimes several. GW has a rather large collection of garden beds and GD is an integral part of the upkeep.

My Mom has been gone since the mid 1970s and is at peace with my Dad, who had passed the year before. They are in Florida, so visiting their resting sites is something I can't be doing. GW and I do try to make a trip every few years or so to Florida to visit their graves, but now that I'm in my mid 70s and mobility challenged, those trips may have ended. GW's Mom passed in the mid 1990s, some 20 years after her Dad. But they are buried in Portland so visiting them is much easier.

Moms, and I'd like to think dads, too, are the best friends young people can have. And yet, while they're growing up and "testing the waters," that friendship and love can be cruelly tested. GD will tell us even today, 20+ years after she left her teens, that during those teen years she "hated" us. I remember the day she admitted that to us clearly. She ended her revelation with big hugs and a really heartfelt, "Thank you. I'd have been in deep trouble without you."

Now she still lives by most of the ideals we, probably mostly her mom, instilled in her as she grew up.

Oh, yes. We have a son, too; but he has chosen to live far away in a west coast state with his wife and daughter. We don't get to interact with him very often. But I do understand that. He chose to move west to live with his wife. I chose to leave Florida to live in Maine with mine. I guess it's a family trait.

Enough of all that. I wish all you moms who may visit here this weekend a Most Happy Mother's Day and may your family spend time with you and rain love and gratitude for a mother's job well done.

Meanwhile, Gator Golden isn't a mom, and she never will be thanks to her humans, so what she really likes is a good roll in the grass.

Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day.


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