Friday, May 14, 2010

A Mid-May Weekend

If you visited recently, you know I haven't been happy. I'm still not happy. As of Friday morning my main computer was still out of commission and I cannot find a solution. Well, that's not totally correct; I have two possible solutions: reformat the hard drive and start from scratch or buy a new computer.

I went through the painful process a year ago of rebuilding the same computer. It was not a fun experience. It wasn't really difficult, but once the OS (Windows XP Professional) was installed, getting all the updated drivers and stuff was a pain in the sit-down place. Then my software had to be reinstalled. Another pain getting all the upgrades, etc. At my age I'm not sure I want to go through it again.

So buying a new one comes to the front. There's only one real advantage. I would be getting today's OS (Windows 7) and all my current software works on W-7. My peripheral devices also would be OK as they all work here on my portable. But, a new one costs money.

A few days ago I might have just made the call to get a new computer. Then, as luck would have it, I was cleaning one of my hearing aids and broke the shell. That will cost money to either fix or replace it. Actually, I've not been happy with it since I got it...I'll never buy another a new one is probably in my future. The cost of a good hearing aid puts the cost of a computer to shame.

I'll be spending this weekend in "resolving a dilemma" mode. Both devices are, in my opinion and not necessarily Gator Wife's opinion, important in my life.

Showers forecast for Saturday could put a damper in the Gator Clan's plans, but the beautiful day forecast for Sunday will more than make up for it. Rototilling our veggie gardens is the main plan. GW has her plants and seeds all ready for planting and we're already salivating over the summer's fresh vegetables.

I hope you have a great weekend and that you accomplish all you wish. There's a real good chance the weather won't stop much.


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