Friday, May 28, 2010

Memorial Weekend

Another holiday weekend is upon us.  Memorial Day.  That's Monday, May 31st this year, but it is officially celebrated on the last Monday of the Month.  Memorial Day was created to honor those who fought and died during the Civil War.  It since has expanded to include all wars.

Memorial Day has other significances, as well.  Here in Maine, along with the parades and celebrations for the service men the day is also a family day to celebrate the coming of summer.  Summer cottages get opened, large get-togethers of family and friends have giant cookouts, Old Orchard Beach opens for the season.  In fairness, much of OOB is already open, but this weekend makes it all "official."

Earlier in our history, Memorial Day was celebrated on May 31st which was also my grandmother's birthday.  When Congress changed many holidays to the fourth Monday of the month in which they were celebrated to ease the hardships on businesses with midweek closings, my family continued to celebrate Grandma's birthday on Memorial Day.  We had fun telling people she was born on the fourth Monday of the month.

Like many other families we'll have a cookout, probably Sunday rather than Monday.  The Gator Ladies will do some light work in the gardens Saturday and we'll just "pig out" Sunday.  I suspect Monday will be just a day of rest.

Speaking of gardens, Gator Wife and Daughter planted our vegetable gardens rather early this year.  By late last week, both veggie gardens were showing they liked this spring much better than the cold, wet one we had last year.  Everything planted by seed is popping through.  The beans have more than an inch showing.  We have more beets and carrots than we've had for years.  Cucumbers and squash have poked through.  I trust you understand in all cases it's only the beginnings of the crops and not the completed edible veggie.

The seedlings they planted, such as the tomatoes, peppers, some squash, and potatoes, have all grown and are showing buds.

Oh, what a year we might be in for!  If only half the crops yield their goodies, we'll have more vegetables this year than we've had in a very long time.  I'd say our nighttime watering and the nice, warm days we've been having are just what the veggies wanted.

I hope you have a super Memorial Day Weekend.  We will.


*****On June 8th in Maine, you can vote to keep your taxes from increasing.  Vote YES on Question One on the ballot.*****