Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just waiting!

Right at the moment I'm at a total loss about what to write this day. 

I could mention the weather.  After all, yesterday was one mighty fine day and today is supposed to be even better.  We who live in the vicinity of the sourthern Maine coast will be just a smidgeon cooler than those of you who live not too far inland.  We won't  be as cool as the Downeast Coast, however.

I suspect it will be too hot to do much and Gator Wife and I have ageed to stay home in case the phone rings.  There's a small chance I'll get the call to be fitted to my new hearing aids.  Actually, they were just ordered last Friday so this hope is more wishful hope than anything else.

It just occurred to me as I write this that I can program my home phone to ring on my cell phone which would allow us to do something away from home today.  I've never tried and am not sure how to do it, but it might be a noble experiment.

Tomorrow has the potential for a totally different scenario.  It's the last Wednesday of May and my group of fellow retirees meets for lunch.  Gator Wife won't be home as she has a lunch schedule with her gal pals.  Perhaps if we do decide to go out and the phone thing works, I could do it again tomorrow and still go to lunch.  Now that's something to sleep on.

Since I'm still at that loss, I'll leave you for this day with this thought:  Be sure to keep hydrated with non-alcoholic and caffeine free beverages.  Water is about as good as anything to drink.  Above all, don't let the forecast heat get the best of you.


*****For Maine readers:  If you don't want higher taxes, vote "YES" on Question One on the June 8th Primary Ballot!*****