Monday, May 17, 2010

Weekend Dilemma Partially Resolved

I'm proud of my girls, Gator Wife and Gator Daughter.  They set out to do a massive planting, weeding, mulching, etc., chore Sunday and completed all they set out to do.  I must admit I probably don't appreciate the flower parts, even though they will be beautiful, as much as I should.

Selfishly, though, I have already begun salivating for the mid summer fresh vegetables.  There are no veggies better than those from the garden to the plate.  GW and I used to do a lot of canning in days long ago, but when her parents passed in the 1970s, we lost access to several acres of land for gardening.  The ones we have now simply supply our fresh needs for a couple months.  But, let me tell you, fresh vegetables are absolutely the best. 

When I speak of "fresh," I mean those right from the garden to the table.  Some, of course, have a short detour on the stove.  The so-called fresh vegetables one gets in the super market are usually several days old and many are not even grown in Maine.  The roadside farm stand is second best, but those from one's own garden are the very best.

I had said over the weekend that I was in a "resolving a dilemma" mode.  The problem was simple...replace a failing main computer or buying a new hearing aid.  The dilemma was at least partially resolved.  I have a hearing test scheduled for this week to determine the best new device for me.  GW and I are in agreement that the ability to hear, even with the help of devices, is better than only partly hearing what is going on around me.

So I will be ordering a new device this week, and, depending on the cost, might even get a matching pair.  My remaining hearing aid is now about ten years old and new technology might be a boost. 

That part of the dilemma really was an easy decision.  The other portion of the dilemma was also resolved, at least for a couple of hours.  GW suggested I consider another portable like the one I'm using to write this.  I love this machine and it does absolutely everything I want to do with a computer.  That sounded like a good idea to me.

The only thing holding me back was whether or not I could plug my large monitor into the portable.  I found out Sunday afternoon I could so that seemed to cement that decision, too.

But then, some doubt began creeping in.  I think I really want a desktop tower.  I have no reason to want it as my main computer, except I've had one for many, many years.  The newer laptops are, of course, every bit as powerful as desktops, including new ones.  But not in my head.

Speaking of desktops, I remember as if it were only yesterday that when I bought a computer with a 10 MB hard drive, my first with internal storage, I thought I was at the top.  Then when I replaced it with one with a 20 MB hard drive, I was in computer heaven.  Now I'm looking at computers with storage capacity between 500 gigabytes and a terrabyte or more. 

To shorten this up just a bit, I'm still resolving the computer part of my weekend dilemma.  I guess I'll just wait to see how much two hearing aids might cost me.


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