Friday, April 30, 2010

The month draws to an end.

When this day ends, April will end.  It's going out in grand style as we're expecting a very fine day.

The beginning of May will also be good as temperatures are climbing once again.

Nothing has inspired me to spend much time here today so I thought I would end the month with another look at Gator Golden.  Her "Mommy," Gator Wife, has walked the long driveway to the mail box.  GG would love to go with her, but she will not cross the invisible fence, not even if we replace the fence collar with a regular one and a leash. So she sits patiently and waits.

Once she gets to the fence line, she puts on the brakes and absolutely will not cross that line unless we literally drag her.  We won't do that.  So when GW heads for the mail box, GG sits right at the line.  The Invisible Fence line is just about six inches in front of her.

The birds, and we have many of them, know GG's limit, too.  It's fun sometimes watching out the window as a bird challenges the pup by flying about two feet off the ground from the line here all the way to the other side of the property.  GG, of course, takes off after the bird but always slams on the brakes when she reaches the other line. 

The bird usually stops in a tree until GG gets there and sits, watching.  Then off they go, dog chasing bird in the other direction.  I'm not aware that GG has ever caught a bird.

Have a great weekend.


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