Thursday, April 22, 2010

Three in April

I got a little chuckle last evening when Ch. 6 meteorologist Joe Cupo talked briefly about lawn mowing.  He rhetorically asked if anyone could remember ever mowing a lawn in April.  He then said this is the one to do it and with possible showers today, this weekend might be the time for that mowing.

Why did I chuckle?  I mowed my lawn for the third...that's 3rd...time yesterday.  The truth be known, I didn't actually do the first one.  My neighbor Ed has one of those Walker commercial mowers, you know, the kind that literally turn in its own space.  He has an attachment for it that thatches lawns while he mows.  He took care of my lawn for me the first week in April.

Last week I took charge and gave my Big Green and Yellow Machine it's first lawn workout for the season.  As we all learned very early in life, once the mowing starts, the grass seems to grow much faster; and so it did here.  So the J-D toured the yard again yesterday.  And that made it three mows for the month of April.

Actually it probably could have waited another few days but we want to get the spring fertilizer down.  That chore had been planned for last weekend but was rained out, and this first one wants a dry grass and wants to be done before the fourth mowing. 

Gator Daughter is coming over tomorrow night to enjoy her evening meal with us.  We'll get the fertilizer spread throughout and she'll take Gator Golden home until Sunday.  The bag says the fertilizer is pet safe, but we just feel a little more comfortable if we keep GG off it for 24 hours or so.

So, Joe, yep!  Mowing in April is not somehing new, but I really don't remember doing it three times before.


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