Thursday, April 1, 2010

A President Visits

The President of the United States will be in Portland this afternoon.  He will discuss his health care bill at the Portland Expo building.  I will not be there.

I honor the office of the President and if I were just a tad younger or if my kids were still tots, I probably would at least be somewhere along the route.  After all, whether we agree with this President's philosophies or not, he is still our President. 

I haven't seen in person many Presidents; and those I have seen have mostly been Democrat ones.  I have interview one Republican as he was running for the office.  Richard Nixon was in Florida once and I had the privilege of interviewing him, but he hadn't yet been elected. 

I was in the press section and broadcast a visit by LBJ many years ago and I have spent time on Congress Street as Presidents passed.  It did not matter if those I saw were D's or R's.  They were at their time the President of the United States.

And I was proud to have witnessed our local history taking place.  Mobility issues prevent me from seeing our current one as he visits our city.  But that changes nothing; the President of the United States is visiting Portland, Maine, today.


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