Friday, April 23, 2010

The NFL Draft

This Friday I think I'll delve into an area where I don't belong:  Sports.

Don't get me wrong, I love watching various sports events on TV and especially on the few occasions I now get to see one at the venue.  I especially love youth and amateur sports because, for the most part, participants in those games are usually playing out of a love of sport and not for the millions of dollars the professionals earn.

Last night I watched much of what simply has to be one of the most boring sports events of the year, the NFL draft.  I think it was the first time I've ever spent any time watching it, and it will most likely be the last.  I must admit that it was the suspense over where, if, Florida quarterback Tim Tebow would be selected.  After all, for us Gator fans, Tebow was probably the best quarterback and all around player in Gator history.  Some have even called him one of the best in all college football history.

No one was surprised that a different quarterback, Sam Bradford of Oklahoma, was the number pick of the draft.  Of course we Gators would be quick to point out that Bradford was running that team in his Heisman Trophy season of 2008 when Tebow led the Gators over the Sooners to win the National Championship.  And we're quick to point out that Tebow was also a Heisman winner and led the Gators to two championships.

After Bradford were two other top quarterbacks also predicted for early calls.  The pundits had said that Tebow will never be a good NFL quarterback and the other two would probably go early.  Both, Colt McCoy of Texas and Jimmy Clauson of Notre Dame, are still waiting today hoping to be picked at least in the second round.

Tebow is headed for Denver where he will be the third signal caller behind Kyle Orton  and Brady Quinn.  I think I may have secretly been hoping Tebow would end up as a Patriot, but the Pats let three opportunities to select him pass.  In that I was mildly disappointed.

Two other Gators were also taken in the first round.  Cornerback Joe Haden is headed for Cleveland and Center Maurkice Pouncey will become a Steeler.

Meanwhile, Sam Bradford may be in for the toughest time.  First round number one pick quarterbacks don't have a great history in the NFL.

Finally this Friday, the Red Sox.  The Red Sox.  What can I say?  Not much, I guess.  The current version of the Sox probably don't bring out the great fear in other teams this year that previous versions have done.  Both offense and defense have been less that spotty.  I think the American League teams this year are looking forward to a restful game when they're playing Boston.  Let's hope there's a turn around soon.


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