Monday, April 26, 2010

A Political Visit

The primary elections are now just few weeks away and the various candidates or their representatives are out visiting homes trying to convince voters who is just the right person to grow Maine's economy and bring jobs to the state.

For only the third time in the sixteen years we've lived here on the Gator Homestead, a candidate has visited us.  Well, in this case it was a volunteer representative; but at least we got a visit.  The volunteer was for Gubernatorial hopeful Bruce Poliquin.  I mentioned a week ago that Poliquin was on my short list of Republican choices so I was glad to see his campaign out and about.

However, since it was only a volunteer to visited here, Poliquin only jumped a half point in my calculations.  A visit  by the man himself probably would have raised him a full point and into a tie for the number one spot.  I wonder if I'll get visits this year from the other three on my short list. 

The best visits come from the candidates themselves so I can hear how they respond to my concerns and see their eyes and hear their voices while they respond.  The young volunteer who visited over the weekend was polite and enthusiastic, but his eyes and voice didn't reflect what Poliquin's would have.

The first two visits were from the same person, a Democrat running for, and eventually elected as, state senator.  I actually voted for him the first time because he took the time to visit.  But he's a Democrat so I guess he had already learned the art of lying convincingly.  He lied to me in his responses to my concerns and when he got to Augusta voted absolutely opposite of what he told me.  He didn't get my vote the second time nor will he this coming November.  I think this time he will actually have a viable opponent.

I'm looking forward with the hope of meeting the candidates this time around.  I have personal mobility issues so chasing them around to hear them is not an option.  I also urge everyone to try to meet with the candidates for both parties and ask your own questions.  Carefully listen to and watch the responses and make up your mind.  Pay a lot of attention to the candidates in this upcoming primary.  It just may be the most important one we've had in years.


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