Saturday, April 24, 2010

Lonely Weekend

Gator Golden is at a "Doggy Sleep Over" this weekend.  The weather lived up to the forecast Friday and the Gator homestead remained dry.  As a result we were able to put down the first step of the Scott four step lawn care plan.

Gator Daughter came over to share supper with us and then she took GG home with her to spend Friday night and Saturday into Sunday as her Golden's 'house guest.'  Thankfully, the two dogs, who were sisters at birth and probably have absolutely no clue of their connection now, get along fabulously.

I'm not sure this Saturday morning if we're going to pick up GG Sunday or if GD will be bringing her to our place to get a free meal.  I'm sure either way she's going to have a story to tell us.

Meanwhile, it's a little lonely in our home.  One never realizes just how much companionship a loving pet can bring to a family.  I must admit I miss having her bring me a toy for us to play with and her sitting there smiling at me to get my attention for some project she has in mind.  There even have been some occasions when I understood what she wanted.

She is Gator Wife's dog and those two communicate with ease.

That leaves us with a free weekend.  And what is our major accomplishment...waiting patiently for a smiling Golden Retriever to be welcomed home.


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