Thursday, April 29, 2010

Just another day

April is close to being over and perhaps yesterday's very minor shower event in my area will bring the blooming flowers.  Truth is, there are already many flowers blooming, including some little yellow ones on my lawn.  They've been there for a couple weeks, but now that we've put down some control, perhaps we'll have them completely under control in a few more days.

There is one oddity left for April, though.  On Friday, we'll be riding around our lawn with the mower in full power for the fourth time this month.  I can't remember ever mowing four times in April before.

The weather is about all I have left in my mind for this Thursday, and after being fooled by the weather people yesterday, I'm not even going to attempt to figure out what we'll have today.

I'm thinking it's about time I got some new pictures of Gator Golden.  Perhaps she'll cooperate a little with me while Gator Wife is out working in her gardens today.

That Last-Wednesday-of-the-Month lunch a bunch of us retirees have was down one as one of our members is doing his duty in the jury room someplace.  We did welcome my Fearless Friend back into the fold as he returned from his winter in Florida a few weeks ago.  I always look forward to that lunch and the fun conversation we have.


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