Thursday, April 1, 2010

April off to a good start

The President has come and gone.  I didn't see him as I said I wouldn't.  But a lot of folks did and from what I saw on the news, both the supporters and protestors outside the Expo during his visit did themselves proud.  They were there, but civility reigned; and that's a good thing.

Thursday was just one of those wonderful Maine weather days.  Our temperatures only got into the mid sixties, but there was very little, if any, wind and it was a jacketless day.  What a most welcome change it was following three days of miserable heavy rain and wind.

The weather is forecast to continue into Sunday and even the first half of next week will have above average temperatures even though they'll be a little cooler than Thursday's.

Plans are not finalized yet, but there's a good chance the Gator Clan will spend much of this weekend in the outdoors working on those things that bring beauty to our little corner of the universe.  And do I smell a cookout?

There is a good thing this coming week.  My Fearless Friend and his wife will pack up their van and head home after spending three months in Florida.  They'll be welcome home.  I think there have been times when, relatively speaking, we've had nicer weather than they've had down there.


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