Wednesday, April 28, 2010

A lousy (weather) day!

Update:  By noon we were still waiting for that rain.  The sun is out and blue skies are abundant  I like this kind of rain. 

Rain.  Or at least showers.  I suppose it could be worse.  I could live in the northern half of Maine where snow is the order of the day, at least close to the New Hampshire and Canadian borders.  Hard to imagine as April comes to an  end that snow is in the Maine weather forecast.  It isn't the norm, you understand, but it has happened before. 

I can remember a May when it snowed.  I had just bought my first two-wheeler.  Actually we bought two, one for Gator Wife and a slightly bigger one for me.  That was in a May.  The next day, we got snow.  My bike remained parked while I 'itched' to get it on the road.

But that was in another life a long, long time ago.

Today won't be a total washout, though.  It is the last Wednesday of the month, the day a group of us retirees, all from the same work place, meet for our monthly last-Wednesday-of-the-month lunch.  As it is every month, I expect a good time along with good conversation.  This little session is one the rain can't dampen.

Since I started this, it has turned light outside and I can see we aren't getting anything right now.  In fact there are even dry spots on my driveway.  The weather radar on the TV this morning, around six AM, also indicates that the biggest part of the storm is well to the east and north of us here on the Gator Spread.  I guess we'll just have to see what happens as the day moves along.

Meanwhile,  stay dry.


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